I tried three newer Mexican food trucks at an event and El Gusto was my favorite

El Gusto Mexican Eatery

There was an event in downtown Wichita recently called ICT Block Party where many food trucks were parked at. There were a few food trucks who have opened in the past year that I had yet to try. This was a great way for me to finally check them out.

Of those three (the other two reviews will be published at a later date), my favorite was a new one that opened this year called El Gusto. I had roughly 21 hours of Spanish in college, and I can finally use some of that in a review. Me gusto. Me gusto mucho!

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Because I was trying food trucks that were new to me, on top of some other food trucks, my orders at each one were very limited. I only had two tacos from El Gusto, but for that limited experience, I loved every second of it. Fortunately, this truck will be out twice in the next week so I can try more of what they offer.

El Gusto had two meat options, birria and carne asada. I asked for one of each. The tacos came layered with two tortillas and stuffed with plenty of meat inside. So many taco trucks have very dry and tough carne asada tacos, and that usually deters me from ordering carne asada. But El Gusto’s were tender and flavorful. Their birria was excellent too; it was hearty, savory, with a bit of sweetness to it.

El Gusto

This was the first truck I visited at the ICT Block Party, so the bar was set high, and no other taco truck was able to meet the standard set by El Gusto.

I’m 100% going to check them out again soon this month for a full-fledged review. 

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Here’s the menu:

El Gusto Mexican Eatery

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