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Alpha Bin Cleaning

Alpha Bin Cleaning

Something I wasn’t aware of until recently was a service that cleaned your trash bins. Wanting to learn more about it, I joined Alpha Bin Cleaning and owner, Andrew Ramirez, for a day on the job. There I was able to learn about them, see what the process entails, and help educate others on something that may be new to them.

Admittedly, trash bin cleaning is a luxury, but one that has its benefits. Aside from the basics like sanitation, disinfecting and killing germs, bacteria and diseases inside your bin, there are other things it helps with. For starters, many homeowner’s associations require you to keep bins inside so having a clean bin will help keep the flies out. Our bin is beyond disgusting. Between diapers when we are too lazy to bag them up, kids pouring drinks in there, random food getting tossed in and general trash, our bin has become the Disney World for flies and bugs.

I went out with Andrew for about an hour to learn what he does and watch it in action.

For starters, if anybody has ever met Andrew, he has such an upbeat and infectious personality. It was crazy and cool to listen to him talk about Alpha Bin. There was such a strong passion in his voice for what he does.

While following him along, every cleaning started with wiping the inside of the bins, and spraying them down, inside and out.

From there, his truck would lift the bins and give it a deeper cleaning. This was probably the longest process of them all.

During this time, Andrew would tell me, he used to run his business out of a basic sprayer and a regular truck. Over time, he and his wife built the business, hustled for new clients and finally purchased the truck you see below.

Once that was done, he sprayed the bins down one more time, flipped them over to dry, and then gave it a nice disinfectant spray.

The biggest question I had for Andrew was, obviously, cost.

It was way more affordable than I thought. Monthly service is between $10-12, depending on if you pre-paid. Bi-monthly cleanings are $13 while quarterly cleanings are $15. And then, one-time service and same day cleanings are $30-40.

I was a believer in what they did especially during the summer months, that I signed up for the bi-monthly cleanings and may eventually switch to monthly.

It was fun and insightful sitting in with Andrew on the job. I have a deep level of appreciation for entrepreneurs who started something from nothing with barely any help. Andrew and his wife, Emily, have done a phenomenal job of building Alpha Bin Cleaning.

To set up your cleaning, call or text 316-974-BINS. For more information, check them out on Facebook or visit their website.

Lastly, here’s Alpha Bin Cleaning in action:

@wichitabyeb Perhaps the start of a new series where I join local business owners to watch what they do. To start, I joined Alpha Bin Cleaning owner Andrew Ramirez and followed him as he cleaned some bins around town. #Wichita #fyp #vlog #trashbincleaning ♬ Blackk Beat Music (Instrumental 2) – Instrumental – Dj Blackk Beat

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