Peeps Pepsi Review: I bought 30 cans and still have so many leftover

Peeps Pepsi

I think Peeps is one of the worst five candies of all time, and I don’t particularly drink Pepsi unless there’s liquor in it. When I heard there was a Peeps Pepsi collaboration, I winced but knew I had to get my hands on it.

My search for the yellow-colored can left me empty-handed, despite reports they were at local grocery stores like Dillons. But during my travels, I finally came across the limited-edition cans at Sam’s Club. The catch was, I had to buy a case of them, which consisted of three 10-packs for $11.88. I only wanted a few cans, but since I was there, 30 cans ended up in my shopping cart. Technically 29 cans, because I ran into some friends and gave them one.

Peeps Pepsi

What was I going to do with 30 cans of Peeps Pepsi, knowing I only needed one for a review? Well, it just happened to be the perfect weekend because I had a birthday party and a watch party to attend on the same weekend. One of the parties even asked everyone to bring a side dish. What better side dish than Peeps Pepsi, right?

As I rolled into each party, I was met with multiple eye rolls. It’s a look I’ve seen too often. The look that said, “What the hell is Eddy coercing us to try now?”

I felt like the kids in the movie Superbad walking into the party with laundry detergent containers filled with beer. Only this time, it was yellow cans of artificial marshmallow flavored cola.

As I approached party goers, I offered a little 7.5 fluid ounce can of Peeps Pepsi. Half the people said, “Sure” and the other half gave me the “Get that out of my face” look. Anybody under the age of 17 didn’t hesitate.

The reactions were very mixed. There were people who loved it, some who thought it slowly grew on them, others who felt meh about it and a select group who thought it was nasty.

For me, I thought it had a very artificial marshmallow-flavored aftertaste that wasn’t necessarily great, but also not horrible. While I don’t drink Pepsi, it tasted like a basic cola but with a different aftertaste. Was it better than Peeps? Well, drinking a can of dog urine is better than Peeps, so the answer is yes. And for the record, I’ve never tasted dog urine before. Was it better than Pepsi? I dunno; I was probably more in the middle on my feelings about it.

If anything, it was fun to get people’s general reactions at each of the parties. That alone was worth the $11.88 price tag. And now, I still have a ton of cans left in my fridge I need to get rid of. I’m thinking leftover Peeps Pepsi may be great to toss in my neighbor’s yards this Easter while their kids go Easter egg hunting.

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