Pho Le’s Noodles & Sandwiches has reopened at Comotara Center

Pho Le’s Noodles & Sandwiches

Did you know that Pho Le’s Noodles and Sandwiches has moved? They used to be at Central and Woodlawn and in the past month moved to 2949 N. Rock Road to Comotara Center. We stopped by to check out the new digs and see how the food compared.

And before we continue, yes, Pho Le’s does still offer dim sum on Sundays. But for the purpose of this review, we stopped by on a weeknight.

2949 N Rock Rd, Wichita, KS 67226

Monday – Saturday: 10am – 9pm
Sunday: 10am – 8pm

Cash/Card Accepted

Major changes were made to the interior. They did a great job of renovating the place to give Pho Le’s more space and an inviting, cleaner look.

Pho Le’s Noodles & Sandwiches

Let’s get down to business, though, how’s the food?

We started off with an assortment of appetizers because kids have to eat the moment they step into a restaurant. We ordered egg rolls, spring rolls, crab rangoon and chicken wings.

No complaints from all parties. My daughter and her cousins went straight to work on chowing down the appetizers. My daughter absolutely loved her egg rolls while her cousin tore down the wings.

Pho Le’s Noodles & Sandwiches

For dinner, we all had pho and Bún bò Huế, which for the uninitiated, is a Vietnamese soup with rice vermicelli noodles that are thicker and more cylindrical than your standard pho noodles.

If you loved Pho Le, you’ll be happy to know they didn’t skip a beat when it came to the food. I actually think they improved, especially when it came to the pho. I started to eat my pho and didn’t feel the need to doctor my broth with hoisin or sriracha. How it came out was perfect for me. There was the standard rich, hearty flavor, I’ve come to expect in my broth. Maybe the only difference, was perhaps the amount of noodles in the large bowl. There were fewer noodles than I recall for a large bowl.

Pho Le’s Noodles & Sandwiches

Pho Le’s Noodles & Sandwiches

Otherwise, there wasn’t anything noticeable about the food that would prevent another return.

The one area they could definitely improve on was the service. It was a bit slow and it wasn’t as if the restaurant were all that busy. From what I heard, they’ve been open for a few weeks and slammed on Sundays for dim sum. So, that’s all something to keep in mind.

Here’s the menu:

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