Chick N Max Revisited

Chick N Max

OK. True story, Chick N Max has never been one of those places to overly excite me. I’ve been plenty of times, but for some reason, never had the sudden urge to return so soon. But after a recent haircut, my barber was raving about their food. I decided to go back and give them another shot.

8977 W Central Ave, Wichita, KS 67212

Daily: 10:30am – 9pm

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For this review, I stopped by one of the newest locations at 8977 W. Central Avenue.

I decided to go with the Wichita Smoked Quarter which was topped with homemade Nashville seasonings, drizzled in Sriracha hot honey, nestled on Texas Toast with pickles and a dollop of potato salad. There was a sign in the store advertising three smoked wings for $1 and that sounded like a no-brainer.

Every table had seasonings on them. I love condiments, seasonings and all the extras, so I ordered a basket of fries to try them out.

Lastly, I couldn’t help but notice how polite and nice the lady was taking my order.

My order arrived not too long after I placed it. Everything was very quick, making it a nice, convenient lunch stop. Plus, I loved the presentation; it’s something you don’t see much in these fast casual types of restaurants.

Chick N Max

Chick N Max

For starters, I loved the fry shake seasoning and flamin’ fowl seasoning. It gave my fries some extra kick. Loved it so much, I finished off my fries before anything else. Next up, the smoked wings were fantastic. They were small, yet flavorful. I felt like the three was just a tease for my taste buds. I should have ordered more.

And the smoked quarter? I enjoyed the drizzled Sriracha hot honey and Nashville seasonings on the skin of the chicken. My only feedback was there was too much of it. The layer of the honey and seasonings were probably thicker than the actual skin on the chicken. A little goes a long ways and, my personal preference, would have been less sauce on the skin. But aside from that, the chicken was great. It was moist, tender, and tasty.

Honestly, my expectations were low going into Chick N Max. Thanks to my barber for nudging me to go back. It was definitely one of my better experiences there. Upon leaving, I had the urge to return soon for the wings.

And the lady taking my order, also brought my food to me and came back to check on not just my table but others throughout the time I was there. Not just the service, but her positive attitude was incredibly infectious. She was one of the best parts of my visit. Shoutout to Deshawanda at the West Central Chick N Max. I think it’s lost sometimes just how far being extra nice to people can go in the restaurant industry.

Here’s their menu:

Chick N Max

Chick N Max

Happy Dining,

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1 thought on “Chick N Max Revisited”

  1. At Chick N Max you should try the Sweet & Spicy! I’ve tried a couple other sandwiches but keep coming back to S&S!!
    The Mac n Cheese is also good… as are the onion rings.

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