Dim Sum available on Sundays at Pho Le’s Noodles & Sandwiches

Pho Le’s Noodles & Sandwiches

It was Sunday and we left it up to my mother to decide where to eat. She selected Pho Le’s Noodles and Sandwiches. This was great because while I’ve been to the new location at 2949 N. Rock Road, I had yet to try dim sum on Sundays at the new spot.

2949 N Rock Rd, Wichita, KS 67226

Monday – Saturday: 10am – 9pm
Sunday: 10am – 8pm

Cash/Card Accepted

So, some of you may be asking now, “What is dim sum?”

Dim sum is a style of Chinese cuisine prepared as small bite-sized portions of food served in small steamer baskets or on small plates. In many places, a cart is pushed around from table to table with all the dishes which are shown to the customers. Imagine receiving a big assortment of different appetizers. That’s how I would best describe dim sum.

Dim sum is available on Sunday starting at 10 a.m. I’ve read comments saying that they sold out of dim sum quickly and the service was really slow. Sometimes there’s truth to be had on social media, other times there’s exaggeration. People’s expectations and experiences can vary greatly, and I’m also a believer in finding out for myself.

We stopped by around 12:15-12:30 p.m. It was two and a half hours after dim sum began, and there was a 30-minute wait for tables. Literally, every table in the restaurant was taken.

Once we were seated, though, they were quick to take our orders. Our table ordered pho, bun, and sandwiches, but also waited for the dim sum cart to come around.

When it did, game was on. Contrary to what I was reading, there was plenty of dim sum available even three hours after Pho Le opened.

Pho Le Dim Sum

We selected 7 different bowls, which rang up at a total of $33.25. So, we were looking at roughly $4.75 per bowl. Here’s what we received.

Pho Le Dim Sum

Pho Le Dim Sum

I didn’t take notes on the exact dishes we had but from memory, we ordered shrimp and pork shumai, Bánh gai, pork ribs, chicken feet, and pork dumplings.

Seven bowls on top of all the dishes we ordered was plenty of food for the five of us. Dim sum is such a fun way to do some group dining. Everyone can pick little bits of what they want to eat. It’s a very shareable and communal experience.

There’s a small footprint of dim sum in Wichita and I have to admit, none of the options are the best in the region options. I’ve been to other dim place places in nearby states, and what we have in town doesn’t stack up. But if you want to avoid driving a few hours and need something convenient, the dim sum at Pho Le’s is a worthwhile option that is decent.

I will also add that the service was great. Our server was hustling from table to table, making sure everyone was taken care of. For how busy they were, we never had an empty drink or a long wait for our food.

Plus my mom, being from Vietnam, is a fan of their food, which is all the approval I need if you want to order from their regular menu.

Happy Dining,

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