Ooo LaLa Stone Pho, who offers a different way to enjoy pho, will open next month in southwest Wichita

Chuyitos Birreria

With Chuyitos Birrieria making a move to West St., that left their original space at 1415 W. Pawnee. It won’t be vacant for long, as Ooo Lala Stone Pho Vietnamese Cuisine is headed to take over.

The Vietnamese restaurant, who will feature many traditional dishes, will specialize in pho served in a stone pot. It’ll be unlike most Vietnamese restaurants you’ve been to.

Ooo Lala Stone Pho

What exactly is stone pho (or sometimes referred to as stone pot pho)? Essentially, what you get is a deconstructed dish of pho, where the broth is served piping hot in a stone bowl. The meat, noodles, and vegetables are served on the side. From there, the pho is meant to be enjoyed similar to hot pot, where you can dip the meats and noodles in the stone pot as you go. Or you can toss everything into the bowl and enjoy it however you like.

This is a trend that is getting more popular around the country and it’ll be a cool addition to the city, especially in southwest Wichita that doesn’t have a major influx of Vietnamese restaurants.

No official opening date, but owners say it will take place in June. Once they open, hours will be Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Until then, they are in the process of hiring, those interested can call 316-900-8888.

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