Taco Shop Revisited

Taco Shop

Sometimes you need some fast food tacos in your life, and our family makes it a point to make our rounds to the various options in town. One stop is an old stomping ground for me, when they offered all-you-can-eat tacos on Monday nights. Of course, I’m talking about Taco Shop.

I know what some of you may be saying, “Those aren’t real tacos, Eddy.” Well, we live in a time where sometimes things that aren’t real are acceptable like boobs, hair extensions, even personalities. But we’ve come to accept them all, and I’m here to vouch for fast food tacos.

Four Locations:
1010 E Harry: (316) 263-1707
1652 S. Webb Rd.: (316) 691-5331
601 N. West St.: (316) 941-9190
6825 E. 21St.: (316) 440-3264
427 N. Hillside: (316) 358-9999

Cash/Card Accepted

Everybody has their favorite fast food taco stop, and I have no problem visiting all of them. While I love the traditional street tacos, these quick hitter lower grade meat tacos, hit the spot for me.

Our orders at Taco Shop are typically the same: enchiladas, tacos, taco burgers, sanchos, and the crispy cinnamon chips.

Taco Shop

For fast food enchiladas, Taco Shop reigns as the top dog over the competitors. Their sauce is the big selling point for me. I always ask for extra sauce and make sure every bite is dripping in it. After that, I always get a corn and flour taco because that’s what I would get during their all-you-can-eat taco days. It was hard to choose either one so I went with both. Then for dessert, I finished it off with a taco burger. Burgers are dessert, right?

Call it a guilty pleasure, call it whatever you want, but Taco Shop is one place I’ll continue to return to.

Here’s their menu:

Happy Dining,

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