We finally got our hands on the Blue Bell Dr. Pepper float ice cream

Blue Bell Dr. Pepper Float

It took us a while, but we finally found the Blue Bell Dr. Pepper Float ice cream.

This limited-time offering has been hard to find and sells out within hours of hitting the shelves. Stores like Dillons and Walmart have reportedly had it in stock, and I found this particular 64 fluid oz. container at the 21st and Maize Walmart in Wichita. The tub was $8.32. You can also find it in half-gallons.

When I saw it on the shelf, I felt like a light from heaven was shining down on me. I could even hear angels singing. Seconds later, I noticed the single light shining down on me was the only working bulb at the moment and the music was actually The Heights singing, “How do you talk to an angel“.

Regardless, I sent a message to my family informing them of my findings and that this would be what’s for dinner.

First bite and it tasted like what we thought it would. While it wasn’t exactly like Dr. Pepper, there were definitely subtle touches of the flavor in each bite. The ice cream is called Dr. Pepper float. So if you were to add vanilla ice cream to a can of Dr. Pepper, it’d likely match that flavor.  There was a rich creaminess to it, but didn’t have that sharp peppery taste.

If you blindly had this ice cream without knowing what it was, it’s likely you could guess there was Dr. Pepper in it. The best description of this ice cream? “This is creamy vanilla ice cream with a small blast of Dr. Pepper.”

Reports have said this ice cream will be around until 2024.

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2 thoughts on “We finally got our hands on the Blue Bell Dr. Pepper float ice cream”

  1. I have been trying to find the Blue Bell Dr Pepper Float ice cream in Wichita stores ever since it came out. Hopefully I will find some soon. I am anxious to try it.

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