What to expect at SCHEELS that opens this summer in Wichita

Construction for SCHEELS at Towne East Square is moving along swiftly. Many people are anxiously awaiting the July 1 opening and until then, SCHEELS has been keeping everyone up to date on the progress along with ingraining themselves into the community.

Perhaps you’ve seen SCHEELS at the Women’s Fair or the Delano Paddy Day Parade. Employees have been volunteering time at such places like the Kansas Aviation Museum, Habitat for Humanity and Derby Historical Museum. We can’t forget about the substantial donations the retailer has made to Rainbows United, Wichita Children’s Home, among many other organizations. To be quite honest, I’m not quite sure if I’ve ever seen a retailer arrive in Wichita and become so involved so quickly.

To those who have driven by Towne East and unfamiliar with SCHEELS, we’re here to help. While some may call it a sporting good store, it’s beyond what you could imagine from a retailer. How many other stores in town have wildlife mountains, 16,000 gallon aquariums, arcade games, candy shops, coffee shops, rollerball and sports simulators?

It’s going to be a lot of fun and as a parent, this may be the new place I take my daughter to help her wind down… unless we stop by the candy shop.


The story of SCHEELS dates back to 1902 when it all started as a hardware store in Sabin, Minnesota.

In the 121 years since, the headquarters has moved to Fargo, North Dakota and expanded to what will be 31 stores when the Wichita location opens. The decision was made to move on from hardware to focus on sports. But it’s not just sports; it’s entertainment and education. Beyond all the entertainment offerings mentioned earlier, SCHEELS prides themselves on offering the right experts in the right location in the retail store.

If you need running shoes, you’ll find an associate there with a running background to provide you with the right information.


Nearly every trademark aspect of SCHEELS will be in Wichita, aside from the famed Ferris Wheel, which can be found at many other locations. Unfortunately, Towne East wasn’t big enough to house a Ferris Wheel. Fingers cross, one may randomly pop up in the parking on a random summer afternoon.

Once the 100% employee owned store opens, families will be able to experience 85 specialty shops featuring everything from hunting and fishing gear to athletic clothing, sports equipment, camping and so much more. When I say it’s more than a sporting good store, believe it.

And if the 85 specialty shops aren’t enough, perhaps the attractions at SCHEELS will be enough to keep you coming back.

Here’s a rundown of what’s in store for Wichita.

Wildlife Mountain

One of the main attractions within Wichita SCHEELS will be a detailed wildlife mountain featuring a variety of animals and vegetation to observe. If you’re looking for a great learning opportunity for kids, you’ll be able to bring them to the wildlife mountain to spot their favorite animals and share fun facts from your smartphone.

How many parents will be running after your kids who attempt to climb this mountain?


When you walk into Wichita SCHEELS, you’ll enjoy the colorful view of a large aquarium. Wichita SCHEELS will feature a 16,000-gallon aquarium that will be home to a variety of colorful fish and vegetation.

What’s cool will be seeing the scuba divers who feed and maintain the aquarium. We have a 20-gallon at home, so I can only imagine the work it takes for a 16,000 gallons. Plus, will SCHEELS have a 16,000 one for sale?


If you’re looking for competitive family fun, you’ll be able to play a few rounds of Rollerball. Rollerball is a miniature version of bowling that can be played alone or with a group.

This could be the perfect activity for those stopping by the mall or looking for an activity on a rainy day or summer fun while kids are out of school; way cheaper than the prices Bowlero charges at the local bowling alleys it has taken over.

Fuzziwig’s Candy Shop

The aquarium isn’t the only colorful display that will be in Wichita SCHEELS. In the middle of the store, check out the large Fuzzwig’s Candy Factory that will feature a variety of colorful candy options to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. Whether you prefer chocolate or sour candies, the candy shop will feature plenty of options to choose from.

Arcade Games & Sport Simulators

Put your skills to the test with the arcade games and sport simulators. Whether you’re racing cars or playing a classic favorite, everyone will have fun playing these arcade games.

Ginna’s Café & Coffee Shop

With all the shopping and fun attractions, you may work up an appetite. Ginna’s Café and coffee shop will be a perfect way to round out your SCHEELS experience. You will be able to decide from a wide variety of coffee and specialty drinks, fudge, and food. The Ginna’s Café menu will feature gourmet soups, sandwiches, salads, and more.


If you missed it, July 1 is the big day for SCHEELS.

Personally, I’m most excited about seeing the aquarium, checking out the candy store, playing a game of rollerball, and picking myself up a much-needed new cooler for the summer.

Rest assured we’ll have a deeper dive into the store as the opening date approaches.

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