Here’s a list of more than 25 local black-owned restaurants and dining options in Wichita

A request I’ve had from so many people was to make a list of local black-owned restaurants and other dining/drink options around Wichita. With every thing going on in the world, people want to help support and give back. I knew many off the top of my head, enlisted the help of others and compiled this list.

Black lives matter and at the same time the black owned businesses matter and should be supported as well.

Some of these restaurants may still be closed due to COVID-19 so I’d check their Facebook page (which is linked) or call them to confirm they are open.

If I’m missing any, please feel free to comment below or email me.

Berneals Carryout – 2409 E 13th St N, 316-618-1500

Bongo Fruit Smoothies – 940-235-5699

Crig’s To-Go – 316-350-6338

Countryboy Taste – 44th Meridian South, 316-339-9024

DDs Cheesecakes

Fish and More – 2021 S Oliver,  316-201-4949

Geno’s Bar B-Q – 140 S Oliver (Kechi, KS), 316-744-1497

Giorgio’s II BBQ – 13th & Hydraulic, 316-282-4989

Just Like Mama’s Kitchen – 2504 E 9th St N, 316-636-7321

Just Simply Shonda – 316-258-4981

Korine’s Soul Food – 1146 N Edwards, 316-871-6193

LE J’s Bar B Q – 601 SE 36th St (Newton, KS), 316-283-0802

Magnolia Sweet Shoppe

Mil’s On Wheels Food Truck – 316-339-9029

MJ’s catering And More – 316-494-2405

My Madea’s Soul Food – 316-201-8929

NCredibly Sweet – 316-252-7572

Simply Sangria Wine Co – 243 N. Cleveland Ave, 316-425-0980,

Southeast Carryout – 1520 S Oliver, 316-682-6002

Spicy J’

Sport Burger – 134 N Hillside, 316-683-6503

Sunflower Nutrition – 1646 N Oliver, 316-500-2872

Tad’s Carryout – 2545 N Hillside St, 316-226-2916

The Artichoke Sandwich Bar – 811 N Broadway, 316-263-9164,

U-Hungry Truck – 810-210-2592

Wichita Cheesecake Company701 E Douglas, 316-358-9494

Willie’s Food Truck – 316-928-0009

Once again if you see any missing, please feel free to comment below or email me.

Happy Dining,

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20 thoughts on “Here’s a list of more than 25 local black-owned restaurants and dining options in Wichita”

  1. when did the artichoke become a black owned business instead just saying it is prove it. Because the last time I know it was a white man owning it

  2. Noelle Thompson

    Please add Southeast Carryout! The man who owns it is amazing and took over the business after it being his first job and he’s done a lot of work on the place!

    My family are generations of regulars, and he’s also selling important supplies like masks, cleaners, gloves, etc!

  3. Hello, are you able to make a printable version so we can take this along with us? Having a list handy would be amazing for those last-minute dining decisions.

    1. I love Mexican food. But if a list is compiled can you make sure that it says what Ethnic food it is. That way we now black owned from other owned business. Thank you.

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