Did you know there’s an Airbnb house at Tanganyika Wildlife Park you can rent for an overnight stay?

Hawkins Estate at Tanganyika Wildlife Park

Hawkins Estate at Tanganyika Wildlife Park

Did you know you could stay overnight at Tanganyika Wildlife Park? It’s something many people don’t know about.

Introducing the Hawkins Estate, which is located on the park property and overlooks the cheetah breeding facility. It’s listed for rent on Airbnb and VRBO. The park started taking reservations in 2021 for the house that can sleep up to 12 people.

But after almost two years, many people still don’t even know it exists.

While the park is closed during the winter months, the house is available for rent year round. And this is not just any house, this place is a sight to behold.

The Hawkins Estate at Tanganyika Wildlife Park boasts five bedrooms, eight beds, and a whopping ten bathrooms. The multi-million dollar estate also has a swimming pool, pickleball and tennis court, pool table, game room, and fitness room. Did I mention a whopping ten bathrooms?

The estate is great for staycations, family gatherings, company events, out of town visitors and more.

The property includes a private concierge who can book experiences at Tanganyika or even bring an animal ambassador to the house.

Pricing for a night’s rental starts at $834 and can run up to $1,200 depending on the night and time of the year. It can be a manageable split among many families looking to get away for a night or weekend, or better yet, even more manageable if your company is picking up the tab.

We did this with our families and I’m not sure if there’s a better way to experience Tanganyika Wildlife Park than staying at the estates for the weekend. We combined that with a visit to the park, which was literally a 2-3 minute walk from the property, and enjoying some animal experiences. Memories were created, family time was had, time with friends was included and it was possibly one of the best weekends for our souls and mental health.

You can learn more about Hawkins Estate at Tanganyika Wildlife Park by visiting their Airbnb listing.

For more, take a look at the video highlight of the property:

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