Board Game Review: Noodle Knockout – “Dexterity game for kids”

Noodle Knockout!

As we continue on trying different board games, I wanted to get something that our 4-year-old daughter could get into, and that’s when I came across Noodle Knockout!

I read that it was a fine motor game that was great for ages 4+ which was right up my alley in what I was looking for. Plus, with a theme centered around one of my favorite dishes, I was 100% game!

This is a light dexterity game that can be played in 5–10 minutes.

Here’s the product description for the game:

This fine motor game is a ramen rumble! Kids build new preschool fine motor skills as they snag oodles of noodles and toppings to make bowls of ramen in the Noodle Knockout! Fine Motor Game from Learning Resources. Draw one of the 10 double-sided order cards, pick up a pair of fine motor chopsticks, and grab the noodles and ingredients needed to take a delicious victory! In addition to fine motor skills, these fun skill games also help kids build early preschool counting and color recognition skills. Designed for 1–4 players, there are even multiple ways to play—test your fine motor skills with a solo bowl, or compete with up to three friends! This versatile preschool skill development tool also comes packaged in a sturdy, reusable plastic bowl that acts as both the game board and storage! the Noodle Knockout! Fine Motor Game includes 20 noodles in 2 lengths, 27 ramen toppings, 4 sets of fine motor chopsticks and bowls, and more.

This is a very light family-friendly game with zero strategy and tailored towards kids.

One of the ways to play involves recipe cards that tell you what to put in your bowl.

Noodle Knockout!

Each player (up to 4 players) is given a bowl and chopsticks to use. Fear not, these are like child chopsticks, so anybody can use them.

Then from there, players use their chopsticks to grab the required ingredients needed from the big pot aka the game board box.

There’s also a spinner wheel that you can spin and grab whatever ingredient it lands on.

Noodle Knockout!

There’s not much to the game, but it’s a good way to involve your kids. They are learning to look at recipe cards, count the number of ingredients and use some motor skills to pick up the necessary ingredients.

My daughter had a blast playing it and it’s definitely going to be a keeper in our board game collection.

If this game sounds up your alley, you can purchase Noodle Knockout! on Amazon. The game regularly goes for $19.99, but there’s a special sale where it’s $13.29… and yes, those are affiliate links, if you’d like to help a blogger out. 

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