Early odds for where Spirit Halloween stores will open in Wichita

We are days away from the time Spirit Halloween stores begin to pop up in Wichita. It’s that time of year when empty buildings looking for short-term leases get turned into spooky costume retail shops overnight. We scoured all over town and looked through commercial real estate listings to see which places in Wichita have the best odds of attracting a coveted Spirit Halloween store.

Here are the odds for 2023:

Towne West Square

Towne West Square + 100
This is almost a sure deal, a guaranteed bet, and even money. A Spirit Halloween store has been located inside Towne West for who knows how many straight years. The odds it happens again are extremely high.

Bed Bath & Beyond +250
With the national retailer closing their west side store in NewMarket that will leave a big opening for a future Spirit Halloween location. The seasonal store needs a lot of space, and that’s precisely what Bed Bath & Beyond offers in an area of town with plenty of shoppers.

Gordmans +275
There was a Spirit Halloween at the Shops at Tallgrass shopping center at 21st and Rock last year. So, this is a very plausible scenario with the Gordman’s being empty for quite some time.

City Nightz

City Nightz +300
An after hours Spirit Halloween that’s only open after 11 p.m. Would you go?

Towne East Square +500
Not exactly sure how much space is available at the east side mall, especially with SCHEELS taking over the former Sears area. But if something does pop up, you can bet a Spirit Halloween is coming.

Former Larry Buds/Tanners space +650
Need space? Check. An area with plenty of crazy stories? Check. Centrally located with lots of traffic? Check. Why not turn the former bar into a Spirit Halloween and serve spooky concoctions? A bar and costumes? Sounds like a no-brainer.

Downtown Warren +800
Regal Cinemas plans to close 39 locations after its parent company Cineworld filed for bankruptcy in September. This impacted the downtown Warren which closed this summer. Itcould make for a pretty cool Spirit Halloween store with horror movies playing on the big screen.

Fried Pies

Fried Pies +850
Hear me out. ClickList is popular, as is the Target pickup option. There’s drive-thru liquor stores, so why not a drive-thru Spirit Halloween?

Clapp Golf Course +900
An outside Spirit Halloween pop up store? Why not try something new to draw in new customers?

Century II +975
This one is for all the Save Century II folk. Jack up the rent, bring in some revenue and have the city’s biggest Spirit Halloween store in downtown Wichita.

Former Downtown Public Library +1000
This might be too much space, but can you imagine a multi level Spirit Halloween store? First level, kids costumes, second level adult costumes, basement level…. we don’t talk about it out loud.

Tutors Pizza

Tutors Pizza +1500
This isn’t exactly a turnkey operation, but with quick highway access, this could be something worth considering. Plus businesses typically last here for a short period of time which fits Spirit Halloween’s bill.

Union Station +2500
The largest tenant at Union Station in downtown Wichita, Faneuil, was reported earlier this year as looking to sublease their space. This would be perfect for Spirit Halloween. Think of all the people headed downtown on Halloween without costumes, looking to pick one up last second. It’ll be the perfect spot right before Insomnia Cookies arrives.

6S Steakhouse

6S Steakhouse +32000
I know what you’re thinking, “But that place is still in business.” It would take something disastrous like a fire to close 6S Steakhouse, which would pave the way for a Spirit Halloween. A fire, you say? So, this isn’t exactly out of the realm of possibility, all things considered. I kid… I kid…

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