First Look at Tacos Y Gorditas Los Corrales Dgo

Tacos Y Gorditas Los Corrales Dgo

One of the newer trucks I’ve seen popping up around events and often times found at 416 W. 21st St. is Tacos Y Gorditas Los Corrales Dgo. During a visit to OutWest in Goddard, I finally came across this truck and decided to grab some tacos for the family.

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There were four protein options to choose from so I went with each one: asada, al pastor, barbacoa, and tripa. They were $2.50 a piece, which wasn’t a bad price at all. Here’s everything we received:

Tacos Y Gorditas Los Corrales Dgo

Tacos Y Gorditas Los Corrales Dgo

Tacos Y Gorditas Los Corrales Dgo

For starters, if you love cilantro and onions, this is the truck for you. Tacos Y Gorditas Los Corrales was certainly generous with it.

Out of all four options, the asada and al pastor were the favorite of the bunch. I asked for the tripas to be grilled and crispy, which they did, but just a bit too much. I think there’s a sweet spot when it comes to tripa which is obviously hard to convey when they ask how crispy you want it. The tripa was grilled to the point it was more crunchy than crispy.

But aside from that, the family enjoyed the other three protein options. They were hefty tacos that definitely filled the six of us.

Something I should add and it’s not just about Tacos Y Gorditas Los Corrales, is that the taco truck scene is definitely seen a major influx of new ones in the past two years alone. While the tacos here were good, I”m not quite sure if they were memorable enough for me to go out of my way for. If I happened to be at OutWest, I’d definitely order again. But a lot of that has to do more with convenience than the fact I was mesmerized by the food.

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Here’s the menu:

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