Let’s Review MOD Pizza

MOD Pizza

Let’s review MOD Pizza!

The “Made On Demand” pizza restaurant is a fast-casual chain based out of Seattle, Washington that started in 2008. There are over 500 locations across the United States. While none of them are in Wichita, we stopped by the one found in Olathe, KS.

MOD Pizza offers individual, customizable pizzas where customers can select the ingredients on the spot and watch the process. Pizzas are then cooked for three minutes in a stone oven at roughly 800 °F.  Similar past and current competitors have been in Wichita, such as Pie Five and Blaze Pizza.

While spending time with family in Olathe, everyone decided on MOD Pizza for dinner. There were no arguments from me, as sometimes it’s nice not to be the person stuck with deciding where to eat. We placed an order for 8 pizzas and here’s a sample of what we had:

We had such pizzas as the Dominic, Mad Dog, Calexico, and cheese.

Everyone really enjoyed the pizza, but I was a little apprehensive. The crust was a little chewy, rather pliable that required quite a bit of tug on each bite. The pizzas looked as though they were hastily put together, some slices had barely any toppings on them. It was as if, they received this big order and rushed it to get it done.

I’m not quite sure any pizza stuck out for me. If I were to rank MOD Pizza, I’d probably put it below a Pie Five or Blaze Pizza. But this was also just one person’s opinion, as everyone else thoroughly enjoyed it.

Here’s the menu:

MOD Pizza

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