Pho King ICT makes a pho king controversial decision and removes pho from menu

Pho King ICT

Diners who walk into Pho King ICT may do a double take and ask themselves, “Are you pho king kidding me?”.

The Vietnamese restaurant at 4857 E. Harry, who specializes (or should I say specialized) in “build your own” pho king soup, has revamped their menu.

Pho King ICT made a controversial decision and removed pho from the menu, added Golden Chik’n to the name and included dishes such as sweet & sour chick’n, general Tso chik’n, golden wings, popcorn chick’n and sesame chick’n to the menu.

Following the big Wichita trend in restaurants, pho is out, but chicken is in. Who knows, a Pho King car wash could be next in the parking lot.

The consensus on the internet was pretty lukewarm on the change. The owners were quick to chime in on comments, saying it would have been too expensive to change the name and the kitchen space size gave them the flexibility to do as much as they would have liked.

It’s an interesting move to say the least, but it gives me another reason to return to Pho King ICT and make more puns about Pho King.

Pho King ICT

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