Dog N Shake Revisited

One restaurant in my rotation that I try to frequent probably a few times a year is Dog N Shake. It’s one of those restaurants that’s not for everybody, but if you love it, you really love it. I’d say, it’s one of those guilty pleasures I have that’s also part nostalgia for me. We used to live by the south Hillside location, so I have many memories of frequenting them for lunches and dinners throughout my life.

8800 W. Maple St.
Wichita, KS 67209

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Cash/Card Accepted

For my most recent visit, I was craving a double dog meal. It was the spur of the moment decision as I was right by their west Maple store. The slaw dog just happened to be the hot dog of the month. I went with that and a chili slaw dog for my second one. Of course, no visit to Dog N Shake is complete without a shake, especially if you’re ordering dogs. To complete my meal, I paid the upcharge to get a strawberry shake instead of a regular drink.

The toasted buns on the hot dog really did it for me. I loved the texture that it provided to go with the hot dog. The fries can sometimes be hit-and-miss, but ketchup and their endless selection of mustards can help.

The thing about Dog N Shake is they really don’t do anything great, just good enough to keep me satisfied and coming back for more.

Dog N Shake

Big props though to the staff on West Maple. They were all friendly and energetic, which I loved. I’ll definitely be back again in the future.

Here’s their menu:

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