A preview of KPOT Korean BBQ & Hot Pot before it arrives in Wichita

Coming to Wichita in 2024 is a new all-you-can-eat chain called KPOT Korean BBQ & Hot Pot. Coming to Towne East Square, the restaurant combines the best of both worlds of Asian hot pot and Korean BBQ under one roof in an interactive experience that allows diners to cook the food themselves.

While it’s not expected to arrive until next year, the closest location can be found in Overland Park at 7001 W 135th St. I decided to stop by and check out what’s to come in Wichita.

The sign right above the door as you walked in showed the prices. Diners could choose either all-you-can-eat hot pot or BBQ at varying prices depending on the time and day of the week. For an additional $5, diners could have both options. That sounded like a no-brainer to me.

My visit took place on a Sunday evening, where there was still a long wait. I’d highly recommend making reservations.

After a short wait, I was seated at a table with built-in burners and a grill. KPOT had two different table sizes for parties of 2 or 4+.

Once I was seated, the unique dining experience began. My server handed me a tablet and walked me through the process. I was able to select my soup base, hot pot sliced meats, chicken, seafood, sides, BBQ, and noodles.

It was straightforward and intuitive.

As I was placing my order, my server turned on the grill and burners.

From there, I was invited to a buffet line where I could grab sauces, dessert, sides, fruit, and even some chicken nuggets and fries; perfect if I had brought my daughter with me.

When I returned, two of my soups were ready to start cooking. I started with the tom yum and Szechuan spicy.

Immediately after, my noodles, sides, and protein options arrived.

I truly went all out. I had beef bulgogi, pork belly, steak, prime brisket, sliced beef belly, beef tongue, short ribs, sliced pork, shrimp, octopus, squid, clams, mussels and more. The moment I was running low on something, I went back to my tablet, placed an order and it arrived in less than five minutes.

KPOT Korean BBQ & Hot Pot

Cooking everything was a breeze. There was a little chart at the table to let people know how long to cook certain proteins, but I just winged it.

The portion sizes were perfect at Kpot. It allowed me to try a variety of the different bases and proteins all night long. FYI, one sign said diners could stay for a maximum of two hours.

I truly loved every second of my visit to KPOT. The quality was there, the service was quick, and even the prices were very fair. My ticket was $35 before tax, and I definitely got my money’s worth.

This would have been even more fun with a group, as it allows everyone to share and enjoy a meal together, enhancing the communal dining experience that is a big part of Korean cuisine. This is the type of interactive experiential meal that everyone should try at least once.

I have a feeling this place is going to do big business when it arrives in Wichita next year. When they open, I’m absolutely going to be there.

Here’s the menu of options available for BBQ and hot pot.

Happy Dining,

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