Finally a food truck that specializes in Indian cuisine: Flavours of India on Wheels

Flavours of India on Wheels

I love it when there’s more variety in our local food truck scene. And with that, Wichita gets a truck specializing in Indian cuisine with Flavours of India On Wheels.

The new truck hit the scene this week with its start at the WSU Food Truck Plaza.

Cash/Card Accepted

I stopped by where there was a steady flow of customers ready to check out the new food truck.

For the first week, there was a limited menu of mango lassi, paneer kathi roll, pav bhaji, samosa chaat, and a full Thali combo. And how about those prices!

The first thing the gentleman at the counter suggested was a mango lassi which I agreed to and immediately knocked out. That thing was delicious and refreshing.

For lunch, I went with the paneer kathi roll and a samosa chaat. But this vegetarian Indian street food wrap had a lot going on. It was extremely aromatic and stuffed with plenty of grilled veggies, paneer, spices, and chutney. The flatbread gave if more oomph to fill me up.
Flavours of India on Wheels

My favorite though was the samosa chaat. I’ve had samosa chaat a couple of times and love how flavorful it is. It’s tangy and spicy kick in every bite keeps you coming back for more.

Flavours of India on Wheels

And to go along with the food, the people working the food truck were wonderful.

This is an excellent addition to our city’s fleet of trucks.

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