Hot-2-Trot Gourmet Hotdogs Revisited

Hot-2-Trot Gourmet Hotdogs

One revisited review that’s been a long time coming is for Hot-2-Trot Gourmet Hotdogs. The hot dog stand has been a mainstay in the food truck community for many years and often found at many events throughout town.

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What you get at Hot-2-Trot is something plain and simple, yet a classic, well-executed 1/4 lb all beef Nathan’s hot dog.

Let’s be honest, you can get a hot dog anywhere or make one at home. But if you’re out and about, there’s always that craving for a good dog. That’s why, it’s one of the most popular meals at any sporting event.

And for those people who love condiments and toppings, like myself, Hot-2-Trot has it all. There’s ketchup, mustard, brown mustard, the signature Hot-2-Trot slaw (sauerkraut) which I highly recommend on every visit. There’s sriracha, BBQ sauce, mayo, onion, jalapeño, chili, cheese, and relish.

The picture below doesn’t even do the hot dog justice. This is an excellent quality dog.

Hot-2-Trot Gourmet Hotdogs

I’ve been a big fan over the years and I’m not the only one as there’s always a good little line for Hot-2-Trot’s gourmet hot dogs and many of the events they’re at.

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Here’s the menu:

Hot-2-Trot Gourmet Hotdogs

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