Wichita Car Wash Series: Take 5 Car Wash

Take 5 Car Wash

The next installment of our Car Wash series brought us to Wichita’s newest car wash in town, Take 5 Car Wash. It’s the chain’s first entry into the Wichita market, with at least two more on the way in the east and south part of town.

Take 5 Car Wash can be found at 2965 N Maize Rd at the southwest corner of 29th and Maize.

I stopped by and there was one other person getting their car wash in the early evening. It was the slowest I’ve ever seen a car wash, but I think some people still may think the place isn’t open yet.

I had just taken my car on a small road trip and needed a good wash, especially with many dead bugs on my windshield.

There were four car wash options, the Pro 5 Plus, the Pro 5, Triple Clean and Wash. Each of them had membership options for an introductory rate of $5 a month.

I opted to go for the Triple Clean.

Take 5 Car Wash is an automated wash with nobody at the front to spray your car down.

After going through the wash, I noticed many spots throughout my car along with plenty of bugs still on the front of my car as well as my windshield. Fortunately, Take 5 offered a complimentary detail center with towels and spray for the exterior and interior of my car. It was a nice to have, but cleaning it by hand wasn’t exactly what planned to do after getting my car washed.

Once I cleaned all the missed spots by hand, I made my way over to the vacuums, which were very nice and powerful. These came in handy following the mess my daughter has made in the middle row of my car.

So, what were our overall impressions of Take 5 Car Wash?

I wasn’t exactly blown away by how clean my car was. It made me think if Take 5 meant, I had to go through 5 times to get my car cleaned properly. The best part was the complimentary detail center, but I would have traded that in for a great wash.

There’s a Club Car Wash and Charlie’s Car Wash on the same stretch of Maize Road, so the competition is there, and Take 5 did not stack up to them on my first wash. And please don’t give me the, “They need to get the kinks out” talk. It’s a freaking automated car wash!

What car wash to review next?

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