Our child’s latest fascination: Trix Minis

Trix Minis

Our daughter is at that age where we let our daughter choose a snack, a meal or whatever at the grocery store when she tags along. This time, her choice was Trix Minis.

Not entirely sure what caused her to select it. Maybe the rabbit on the box, she saw it at daycare, or perhaps she saw another child eating it in a YouTube video.

We caved in and made the purchase at Dillons which was roughly $5 for a family size box.

General Mills wasn’t kidding when they branded this “minis”. The first thing we noticed was the size of the cereal, which was much smaller than the regular size Trix cereal. While they are the perfect size for snacking or putting in a ziplock bag for a road trip treat, we started off the old-fashioned way of milk in a bowl.

Trix Minis

They smelled so good, we had to pour an adult-size bowl as well.

The Trix Minis had the trademark natural and artificial fruit flavor that any child would love. The size of the corn puffs were perfect for toddlers little mouths along with a vibrant colorful look that was inviting for all.

Due to the smaller size, we noticed the cereal did not stay crunchier longer, nor did it turn the milk to a rainbow of colors after you were done eating the Trix Minis.

Trix Minis

What was our daughter’s review after she finished the Trix Minis?

She finished her cereal, drank the rest of the milk, got out of her chair and said, “It was a great meal.” in the cutest little voice that gave us a good laugh.

Sounds like we have a winner with the Trix Minis.

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