Vote Now For THE ICT 100: Wichita’s Best Restaurants 

Last year, we unveiled the list of the top 100 restaurants in Wichita. It was decided on with the assistance of many local area food bloggers in Wichita. But now the readers get a say as well!

Here’s how the voting will work out:

  • A panel of many local food bloggers will be tasked with deciding 40% of the list.
  • Readers will determine 20% of the list.
  • The final 40% of the list will be determined by yours truly. My reasoning for this was because I know most people haven’t been to a majority of the restaurants in town, so this was a compromise to make sure every restaurant had a fair shot of making the list.
  • To be considered for The ICT 100, only Wichita restaurants with a brick & mortar location were taken into consideration. Food trucks and pop-ups were not included, along with any restaurant outside the Wichita city limits.
  • This will include chains and locally owned. Voting is placed solely on food.

In the reader vote, readers are tasked with voting on a minimum of 10 restaurants and a maximum of 20.

Submissions with less than 10 responses or duplicate responses will not be accepted. Voting ends Monday, August 21

At least ten restaurants must be included for this to be a valid submission. 

You are welcome to add five more for votes to be counted. 

Include any comments about the restaurants. Your comments could potentially be used in our ICT 100 List release

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