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A visit to P & M Pumpkin Ranch

P & M Pumpkin Ranch

P & M Pumpkin Ranch

One of the best things about being a parent to a young child this time of year is visiting the pumpkin patch. We’ve been to many of them, but wanted to visit a place we’ve never been to. So, we made the drive out to Moundridge, KS to check out P&M Pumpkin Ranch.

The pumpkin patch is open until the November 5. The nice part about P & M Pumpkin Ranch is the fact that it’s a flat rate fee of $15 for 3 and older. 2 years and younger are free. The ranch doesn’t charge different prices just because it’s a different time or day of the week.

Another bonus was that a majority of the activities at P & M Pumpkin Ranch are included in the price.

Additional paid activities include a mini digger, pumpkin cannon, family train and feeding the animals… all of which cost 25-cents to $1.

We spent most of our time at either the obstacle course, the sports barn, and the corn crib.

It was pure sensory overload. My daughter was go, go, go the entire time we were at P & M Pumpkin Ranch.

My personal favorite was the little zipline they had. I rode it a couple of times while my daughter gave me this, “What is he doing?” look.

The first few years at the pumpkin patch, she was either not interested or somewhat interested. This year, she’s full-on take no prisoners, let’s do it all. And that has become infectious and makes me want to drive back to Moundridge tomorrow!

On the drive home, I asked what her favorite three things were. She said the obstacle course was number one, followed by the big slide, then the pig races. Then the rest of the day, she literally said to me at least four times, “Daddy, that was SOOOOO much fun.”

Folks, we have a winner.

Here’s a video snippet of our time at P & M Pumpkin Ranch.

P&M Pumpkin Patch is located at 311 16th Ave in Moundridge, KS. To learn more about them, visit their webpage or Facebook page.

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