Wichita’s first Pakistani food truck, Elroi is a wonderful addition to the food scene

Elroi Food Truck

There’s another new food truck in Wichita that specializes in a dish I’m not all too familiar with. It’s Elroi Food Truck and they are Wichita’s first Pakistani food truck. I’ve seen them post on Facebook about their whereabouts but it was always on short notice. Finally, they made a post and gave people enough time to plan so I had the opportunity to check them out.

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They were parked out one afternoon at the southwest corner of 29th and Tyler in front of Fizzie’s Liquor Store; a place I’ve never seen a food truck at.

During my visit, they only had two entrées available to choose from: butter chicken and chicken tikka wrap. I went with both, along with the banana smoothie they offered.

The smoothie went down easily and had a blast of sweet banana flavors mixed in with some whipped cream.

The rest of my food came out shortly after.

While I highly enjoyed both meals, the butter chicken definitely took home the win for me. It was spicy, yet creamy, but in a very flavorful way. One noticeable thing missing was naan bread, which they either forgot or wasn’t a part of the meal despite being on the menu. Regardless of the omission, we really loved the butter chicken. It was a dish I’d order again and again if they were in the area.

The chicken tikka wrap had plenty going on, with the tortilla being stuffed with lots of chicken and vegetables inside. It was good, but the butter chicken was just exceptionally better and stuck out. We did find it to be a little soggy, but perhaps that was because of the drive home.

Elroi Food Truck

Either way, I’m really excited to see what else Elroi Food Truck can do in terms of introducing me to different Pakistani dishes. I felt like they played it a bit safe with dishes people are comfortable with. I want to see the full gamut of the food truck’s talent beyond what diners may be familiar with.

Here’s the menu:

Elroi Food Truck

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