First look at Pennant Coffee and their slab pizzas

Pennant Coffee

Over at Revolutsia, there’s a coffee shop that runs in partnership with Fox & Ash Barbershop & Good CompanyPennant Coffee has been open for less than a year. One thing that has caught my eye was what I believe to be a relatively recent addition to their food menu: slab pizzas.

2721 E Central Ave STE 201b, Wichita, KS 67214

Open Daily: 7:30am – 2:30pm

Cash/Card Accepted

Slab pizzas have been advertised on Pennant Coffee’s social media as of late. If you’ve never had one before, the texture of this pizza is very different from many other pizzas found around town.

To start things off, the slab pizzas were $5 each at Pennant Coffee. They had a breakfast option with potatoes, egg, and cheese and optional bacon. Or you could build your own, which I did as well with pepperoni.

This was a special treat. The crust was thicker and, of course, the dummy in me didn’t take a side picture, just an overhead shot. The beauty of the slab pizza was how pillowy-soft and airy the crust was, yet there was a delicate crisp at the bottom to give it some texture. My guess was: It was baked at a very high temperature to get the bottom to have some crunch to it. This gave some additional char to the top of each slice.

Pennant Coffee

Between the two slab pizzas I had, I think the breakfast was the better of the two. Of course, bacon was a must.

When it comes to pizza, I’m not big on thicker slices. But Pennant Coffee’s slab pizza really sold me on it. I could go on and on, but you just have to see it and try it to believe it.

Pennant Coffee

At $5 a slice, this was a great little start to my day. One would be perfect for breakfast, two would be enough for lunch.

Here’s their menu.

Pennant Coffee

Happy Dining,

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