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Sunny Haysville Indonesian

In the past year, the Japanese restaurant Hiro Hibachi & Sushi made the move from Haysville to Park City. But during that transition, Sunny took its place. Sunny took over the 240 N. Main St. space in Haysville and expanded the menu to include Indonesian food. They still serve what Haysville residents were used to with hibachi and sushi; then expanded on it.

240 N Main STE 300, Haysville, Kansas 67060

Monday – Saturday: 11am – 9pm
Sunday: Noon – 9pm

Cash/Card Accepted

I stopped by Sunny with fellow food blogger, The Kansas Gastronomist and potentially DJ turned aspiring food blogger, DJ Carbon, to check out the new restaurant that’s been on my list to knock out.

To start our meal, we began lunch with crab rangoon and jalapeño bom. Although the menu said “crap rangoon”, I’m 99.99999% sure there was imitation crab inside and not crap. Plus, I make grammar and spelling mistakes on the daily, so there’s no judgment from my end on that. The jalapeño bom was Sunny’s take on jalapeño poppers. (Editor’s note: I wonder if it’s supposed to say boom or bomb instead of bom).

Truth be told, I didn’t partake in either appetizer as I had more food on order, so if you follow either of their pages, perhaps they’ll give you their opinions on it.

What I did have was Tiger Fish Roll which was spicy salmon and cucumber then topped with salmon, shrimp, avocado and served with eel sauce and tobico. It was a nice little roll with an eye-pleasing presentation. I would probably say, though, they went a little light on some fish inside the shrimp, but otherwise, it was a good filler to start my lunch.

For our main entrées, we all ordered from the small Indonesian section of the menu. I had the sop buntut which was a soup dish that had potato, carrot, green onion, celery, fried shallot, tomato, and oxtail. It was served with a side of rice and chili sauce.

Everything was delicious. It was very aromatic; something that would be perfect on a cold day. It was definitely a hearty meal; partly due to the oxtail and mountain of rice. The broth was salty and peppery. I loved the addition of the oxtail, which didn’t have a gamey taste to it at all. This was a meal that likely won’t fill you up to the point you feel bloated, unless you knocked out all the rice. It was plenty of food for someone looking for a lighter meal.

Sunny Haysville Indonesian

My fellow lunch buddies had the rendang which was beef cooked in coconut milk. I did get one bite, and this was certainly something to get for those wanting a heavier meal. The beef had a sweetness to it that I loved, but even better once mixed in with the chili sauce.

Our lunch was prompt and quick. The service was friendly, and our server helped explain parts of the menu to us, mainly the Indonesian section since we were unfamiliar with those dishes.

It’s a cool addition to Haysville and adds some diversity to the selection of restaurants.

Here’s the menu:

Happy Dining

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