The food vendor to keep an eye out for at any event: The Thai Thai Booth

The Thai Thai Booth

The Thai Thai Booth

With events in full force, one vendor you need to keep an eye out for is The Thai Thai Booth.

The family-operated Thai food vendor has been out at such events like the Asian Night Market, Shop & Grub, and Open Streets.

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The first time I came across The Thai Thai Booth was at the Asian Night Market, where they blew my mind. Of all the vendors at the Night Market, The Thai Thai Booth had my favorite dish of the evening.

I literally took pictures of every dish I had except the one from their booth. It’s something I’ve lost sleep over. At the Asian Night Market, The Thai Thai Booth was selling bowls of khao soi. It’s a dish commonly served in Laos and northern Thailand. Each bowl of khao soi was made right on the spot. It was a creamy, somewhat spicy curry bowl filled with chicken and a blend of coconut milk, chicken brother and curry spices. A big piece of chicken was stuffed right in the bowl and it was topped with crispy noodles and diced cilantro. By far, the best dish of the night.

Asian Night Market

The second time I ran into The Thai Thai Booth was at Open Streets.

There I had chicken skewers, chicken, and egg rolls. It was a simpler plate of food yet still delicious. I asked about the khao soi and was told it was too hot of a day for the dish. Make note, I’d eat khao soi in 110 degree weather if given the option.

And to top everything off, the family and mainly the lady who runs The Thai Thai Booth are incredible people. Granted my interactions with them were minimal and at vendor markets, the vibe they gave us just made everyone feel so inviting.

To find out where they’ll be, be sure to follow them on Instagram.

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