First Look at Two Hands Corn Dogs

Two Hands Corn Dogs

Make way for Two Hands Corn Dogs, who is now open to the public. Located at Braeburn Square on the Wichita State University campus, this latest restaurant brings a food craze that’s been rising in popularity across the nation.

4510 E 19th ST N, Suite 106 Wichita, KS 67208

Open Daily: Noon – 7pm

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Cash/Card Accepted

The menu includes items such as corn dogs, elite, fries all with a Korean-style twists. If you’re thirsty, I highly recommend one of their slushes.

Inside the shop, the main feature is the Korean corn dogs, which are wrapped in rice flour batter and fried.

Part of the fun at Two Hands Corn Dogs is customizing your order. When you arrive, the first step is choosing the corn dog you want to order. They have such items as a spicy dog, potato dog which are wrapped in potato cubes, a crispy rice puff dog, or even the classic American corn dog. If you want to sweeten your dog, you can coat it in sugar as well.

From there, you pick your filling, you can have a 100% beef sausage hot dog, a spicy beef sausage dog, a stick of whole mozzarella, half sausage & half mozzarella or event a plant-based sausage dog. If you want to fill up even more, sides include dirty fries that are deep-fried tater puffs with Two Hands dirty sauce and hot Cheetos powder, kimchi seasoning fries, or elote. Then you top it off with one of their slushes.

Mixing and matching the numerous menu combinations can make for a different visit every time you stop by, even though a large segment of diners sticks with one thing they like.

During my visit, I had the Two Hands dog, spicy dog, potato dog, classic dog, and crispy rice dog, each with different fillings. Basically, I asked them to suggest me whatever. Here’s a picture of part of our order.

I shared my meal with fellow food blogger, Significantly Spicy. From what I had, my favorite may have been the Two Hands dog and the classic dog. Of course, spicy fans have to try the spicy dog, is a combination of Two Hands spicy sauce and hot Cheetos powder. The hot dogs were properly cooked, and the dogs weren’t soggy at all. One of my corn dogs had half hot dog and half mozzarella, which was very tasty.

From the sides, I LOVED the kimchi seasoned fries. I forgot to take a picture, but have it in the video at the end of this blog. Kimchi can have a very overpowering taste, but the seasoned fries had a slight touch of spicy, sour and tangy but in a mild yet flavorful manner.

I put that all down with various slushes, where the lemonade option was my favorite.

One thing to note is Two Hands does not offer in-restaurant dining, but the food can be taken into other Braeburn Square restaurants with the purchase of a drink or food item from the establishment.

I had a great time on my first visit to Two Hands. It’s a nice addition to the selection of restaurants already lined up at Braeburn Square. Plus, Korean-style hot dogs don’t have a large footprint in Wichita, so it’s cool to add more diversity to the portfolio of restaurants our city has to offer.

Here’s the menu:

Two Hands Corn Dogs

Here’s our YouTube video:

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