Flowers Discount Bakery Store will permanently close next week

It’s been a good run for Flowers Discount Bakery Store at 2118 W. Harry St.

The little grocery store near Harry & Meridian that sells bread, buns, rolls, snack cakes, pastries, and tortillas at discounted prices will close for good next week.

Their final day will be Friday, Sept. 15.

If you’ve never been to one, it was a true treat. The stores are owned by Flower Foods, which produces and markets all the packed bakery goods. It’s part of their direct store delivery segment, where they can sell directly to the customer through their distributors.

Flower Foods owns such bakery and food brands as Ideal Baking Company, ButterKrust Bakery, Leo’s Foods, Royal Cake Company, Tastykake, Wonder Bread and many of the Hostess bakeries. At the Discount Bakery Store, customers could purchase nearly all of these brands at discounted prices.

It was always a fun little stop for us. If you loved it as well, show them some love in their final week.

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