A food-filled day of fun at the Kansas State Fair

A family tradition for us is the Kansas State Fair and in part one of our coverage, we want to talk about the food. It’s a staple of any visit to the fair in Hutchinson.

If you still haven’t stopped by, we have a whole guide on what to expect here.

While we will cover some of the attractions we did at the fair earlier this week, part one is, of course, about the food… which is always a must. And as you’ll notice, we went with the classics for our return to the Kansas State Fair.

Let’s get on with the coverage:

A bucket of cookies from Chunky Chet’s

Need a snack to have with you that will last the entire day at the fair? Stop by Chunky Chet’s for a bucket of chocolate chip cookies… a literal bucket.

This is a Hutchinson-based food truck that sells chocolate chip cookies, and someone I’ll likely have to dedicate an entire blog to.

We had an entire bucket and the kids grabbed one throughout parts of the day, we even had enough to share with random kids we saw passing by us. After all, sharing is caring.

Kansas State Fair Chunky Chet's

Pronto Pup
We went old school with our first savory item at the fair and had the classic Pronto Pup. We made sure to douse it with plenty of mustard.

Original Corn Roast (corn in a cup)
Totally forgot to take a picture of the actual corn, but we topped the cup of corn with Slap Ya Mamas seasoning, which gave it a ton of delicious bite. Corn and a pronto pup, that’s really all we needed but we kept going.

Prime Fillet Alligator on a Stick
There was a big red unit advertising alligator on a stick. It was hard to miss, so we made sure to grab at least one of them. While it was a little dry, the cocktail sauce it came with really helped.

Chan’s Chicken on a Stick
No-brainer here. I’m a huge Chan’s Chicken on a Stick fan. The marinade on the chicken was everything to my taste buds.

Corn Dog
Our daughter wanted a corn dog, so she got a corn dog and proceeded to only eat the breading. As the caring father I am, I finished the hot dog for her.

Pretzels & Bits
We needed another little snack to keep in our wagon and went with the Pretzel Bits covered in butter. Butter is life.

Funnel Cake
Even though most of us were wearing black and we ended the funnel cake with half of the powdered sugar on our shirt, it was worth it. This was our kid’s favorite item at the fair, but who can blame them?

Kansas State Fair

Homemade Ice Cream
Good heavens, I could have ordered ten of these. The vanilla ice cream was so creamy and delicious.

As our night ended, I needed a roadie for the ride home and went with a lemonade. There were a thousand stands selling lemonade, so these weren’t hard to find.

All in all, it was a fantastic, filling, delicious first visit on our first day of the Kansas State Fair.

For more information on the fair, head to the Kansas State Fair website.

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