Wichita By E.B. Dinner Series Part 5 will feature the Sedgwick County Zoo, Wild Lights and Hank is Wiser Brewery

Wichita By E.B. Dinner Series - Sedgwick County Zoo

It’s time to unveil where the next Wichita By E.B. Dinner Series will be held. This next one will be a full on experience and a true family affair. I’m excited to announce, we’ve locked down a location for part five of the dinner series, which will take place at Sedgwick County Zoo on Tuesday, October 17.

This dinner series is a limited ticketed event where diners enjoy a meal prepared by the owners and chefs and don’t get a say in anything. We come in and enjoy a blind course. Having an open mind and appetite always helps (also if you have food allergies, this probably isn’t recommended). This is a cool, personal, intimate time when we connect on food, have good conversation, share some drinks, talk to the owners, and just have a good time.

Why the Sedgwick County Zoo?

Here’s some backstory. Some people may not know the Sedgwick County Zoo had a new executive chef by the name of Elyse Sanford. She’s extremely talented, and this opportunity gives her the chance to strut her stuff and show people what she can do beyond what you may find at the Zoo’s Beastro.

Then there’s her husband, Steve Sanford. Beer connoisseurs may know Steve as he and his family started Hank Is Wiser Brewery out in Cheney, KS.

Wichita By E.B. Dinner Series V will be a family affair that puts them in the same environment and shows what they can do in terms of beer and food.

Diners who attend this first time collaboration will feast on food and drinks, and then spend the rest of the night enjoying Wild Lights, which has become one of my family’s favorite fall time attractions. It’s one-of-a-kind Asian Lantern sculpture gives people a chance to stroll the evening under the stars.

What are the deets?

It’s going to take place on a Tuesday evening, October 17. The rest, I just gave away in the previous paragraph.

How can someone purchase tickets?

Like all other events, it will be first come, first served so it gives everyone an equal chance. A link to purchase tickets will be released in our newsletter. The link will be published in our October newsletter drop. At the moment we are finalizing the number of tickets but it will likely be around 30–40 tickets. Once the tickets sell out, they’re gone. If they don’t sell out in the first hour, a link will be shared on our social pages.

If the form isn’t working, head here.

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The cost of the dinner series

Truth be told, this won’t be a cheap night. We are giving Executive Chef Elyse Sanford a platform to show off everything she can do. Plus, her husband, Steve Sanford, will be on hand with the beer. And the price includes admission to Wild Lights on their second day of opening. So you’ll get an early chance to check it out on a slower evening.

…… I may have another surprise in store.

Ticket price for the dinner is $90 + taxes.

What else to expect

This is more than just a dinner. We try to create an experience. You will come, make new friends, have a little Q&A with myself and the owner, enjoy some delicious food, perhaps take a shot of tequila or two, be around other foodies and have a cool night to talk about.

My end goal is to grub with people who love food as much as I do. So, let’s have fun conversations over some drinks. The first four dinners were a blast hanging out with readers and I’m betting this next one will be just as fun.

One of my life mottos is to live for the moments and have fun. That’s what the purpose of this night will be.

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