First Look at Rajwadi Pointe inside Wyndham Garden

Rajwadi Pointe

A new restaurant has opened inside the Wyndham Garden hotel on east Kellogg in downtown Wichita. Rajwadi Pointe specializes in south Indian food and is open every day from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. The restaurant has been open for about a month and thanks to readers, we got whim of the new eatery and made sure to check it out.

221 E. Kellogg St., Wichita, KS 67202

Open Daily: 10am – 10pm

Cash/Card Accepted

On the Rajwadi Pointe’s Facebook and menu, there was a buffet advertised after 6 p.m. for $17.99. But when I dropped by on a Friday evening, I was told they had to take down the buffet because the food getting cold too quick. I am not sure if that was because the lack of warmers or customers to keep the food flowing.

A little over half of the menu wasn’t available either, but I did find something that caught my attention. One of the specials was a goat curry dish with Indian meat curry with soft and juicy goat cooked in yogurt and a spiced masala. I decided to go with that.

At first glance, it didn’t look like much food, but it certainly filled me up by the time I was done.

I placed the goat onto the rice, drizzled on the yogurt and poured a bunch of the spiced masala into my bowl. After mixing it up, I jumped and didn’t stop until the bowl was empty.

My very first bite of goat was a little tough, but fortunately, everything after that was smooth sailing. Literally, every bite after was soft and juicy as advertised. The spiced masala offered such a flavorful kick with plenty of heat that was toned down a bit by the yogurt. This was an all around excellent dish that left a fantastic first impression.

Rajwadi Pointe

My server at Rajwadi Pointe was polite and on top of everything. The restaurant wasn’t busy at all and I’m guessing it’s a majority of Wichita doesn’t even know this place exists. Much of the concentration of Indian restaurants is in a pocket of town close within striking distance of Wichita State University, then there’s another one on south Rock Road.

Rajwadi Pointe is the closest Indian restaurant to the west side of town and a fine option for people downtown. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Here’s their menu:

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