Gallery Place Palooza, an interactive community art event, takes place this Sunday

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While there’s lots of fall festivals and Halloween themed events taking place, sometimes you may want to do something different from the norm. If so, Gallery Place Palooza, is something to add to the calendar.

Gallery Place Palooza takes place this Sunday, Oct. 22 from noon to 4 p.m. What’s unique about the event is it takes place at two different art hubs.

The first is Exploration Gallery Place at Exploration Place, 300 N McLean Blvd, while art hub #2 is at the all-new Keeper Gallery Place at the Mid-America All-Indian Museum, 650 N Seneca. Attendees can also experience the art event along the Arkansas River between both art hubs.

And making it even better, admission is free and open to all.

The group behind the event, Harvester Arts, is a leading local nonprofit arts organization dedicated to building the creative capacity of the Wichita community. They are proud to bring the Wichita community together through the power of art. This unique interactive art event and performance event will provide an opportunity for participants of all ages and backgrounds to collaborate, express themselves, and celebrate the beauty of creativity while activating one of Wichita’s most precious resources – our riverfront.

Key Highlights of the Gallery Place Palooza:

Interactive Art Installations: The event will feature TWENTY-FOUR interactive art installations and performances created by local artists, as well as an installation by Harvester Arts Visiting Artist, Aaron Asis, where attendees can become a part of the art creation process. From painting, sculpture building, dance and music performances, to kite building, puppet making and on-site sewing, the 24 artist installations will encourage hands-on participation and foster a sense of shared community artistic expression.

Participating artists include: Aaron Asis ⋆  CallMeIshmael ⋆ Gavin Myers ⋆ Get Ya Color On! ⋆ Handpan Dan ⋆ High Strung ⋆ Janine Shinn ⋆ Lindzey Diana ⋆ Malissa Long ⋆ Marcus El ⋆ Mason Talbott ⋆ Meghan Miller ⋆ Men’s Scrapbooking Club ⋆ Mike Miller ⋆ Puppets 4 Nature ⋆ Quintis Pinkston ⋆ Raylio & Ryan ⋆ Ron Palmer ⋆ Sheldon Draper ⋆ SMACK DAB DANCE LAB ⋆ Tayshaw ⋆ The Enchanted Mermaid ⋆ Tiny Hinies Mobile Petting Zoo ⋆ Trae Gresham

Live Performances: The event will showcase live performances from local artists, musicians, and dancers including Marcus El, Smack Dab Dance Lab, Gavin Myers and more. Their artistic talents will serve as an inspiration to all attendees and add a dynamic dimension to the event.

Food and Refreshments: Love food truck favorite, Brazita Bites, will be available to satisfy the culinary cravings of attendees. Enjoy a delicious meal or snack while soaking in the creative atmosphere.

Kid-Friendly Activities: Families are encouraged to bring their children as there will be numerous kid-friendly activities and art projects. A great opportunity for children to explore their creativity and imagination while also getting a few pets in at the Tiny Hinies Mobile Petting Zoo.

Community Engagement: Harvester Arts believes in the power of art to create conversations and build connections. Attendees will have the opportunity to share their personal thoughts, ideas, and stories about community through interactive installations.

“When we bring people together through art — we can create a shared experience that unites us, inspires us, and stimulates our imagination — which can ultimately improve our city and our lives.” said Aaron Asis, Harvester Arts visiting artist and designer from Brooklyn, NY.

Opening as inviting makerspaces for creatives and the community alike to play and experiment with art interventions, Exploration & Keeper Gallery Place are envisioned as catalysts that activate the arts to establish the river as Wichita’s premier public domain creating linkages within the urban core of our city. This project not only creates exciting destinations, but also lays the foundation for a larger community arts movement.

“Art and artists have the incredible ability to transcend boundaries and challenge our perceptions. By bringing art experiences outside of traditional art spaces, we aim to inspire personal growth, foster a sense of wonder, and ignite conversations within our communities,” says Kristin Beal, Executive Director, Harvester Arts.

For more information, visit Harvester Arts online.

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