Let’s review Bonefish Grill’s appetizers!

Let’s review Bonefish Grill!.

The casual dining seafood restaurant chain, owned by Bloomin’ Brands, was founded in 2000 in St. Petersburg, Florida, where they are now headquartered in Tampa, Florida. As of last year, there are now 180+ locations in 28 states, with one in Wichita, KS at 10250 E. 13th St. N.

For the purpose of this review, Bonefish Grill had a one-day only special of 1/2 price appetizers to celebrate National Seafood Month. I received a message from fellow food blogger, Fert the Foodie, to stop by. Our goal was to order every single appetizer on the menu. We were joined by other local bloggers, The Kansas Gastronomist and Significantly Spicy.

Upon arriving, our server asked us if we wanted to start with any appetizers. We mentioned the 1/2 price appetizer special and requested one of everything. Here’s what we received:

Complimentary Bread
Beef & Ginger Potstickers
Toasted Pumpkin Ravioli
Imperial Dip
Crab Cakes
Bang Bang Shrimp
Ahi Tuna Poke
Mussels Josephine
Crab-Topped Bang Fries
Tempura Crunch Sashimi Tuna

There was no shortage of food (or extra elbow room) at our table. Plates of food filled took up every nook and cranny.

Depending on whom you asked, there were different favorites from each person at our appetizer Bonefish Grill visit. My favs included the Ahi Tuna Poke, Mussels Josephine and Tempura Crunch Sashimi Tuna. Obviously, mine were geared more towards the raw fish items. In fact, I said to our server, “The rawer the better”. After saying that, I realized it may have sounded like I was giving an inappropriate lion roar sound at my server, and quickly kept my mouth shut the rest of the day.

Back to the food, it was all great. There honestly wasn’t one I was thinking to myself, “I wouldn’t order this on another visit.”

The sashimi tuna was the overall favorite for me. The wasabi, soy sauce and sriracha drizzle wasn’t needed on the sushi-grade Tuna. I enjoyed it both ways though where it was by itself or with all the extra. This is one appetizer, I’d definitely order on a return visit.

The service was great as well.

The best part? Perhaps it was our tab. After splitting it four ways, everyone paid $17 and change plus tip. Not bad for a lunch visit for a group of four.

Here’s the menu at Bonefish Grill:

Happy Dining,

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