Let’s Review Buc-ees!


Let’s review Buc-ees.

The uber-popular business is an American chain of country stores and gas stations that started in Clute, TX in 1982. Over the past 40 years, the company has since expanded to Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, among other states; there aren’t any locations in Kansas. During that time, it’s grown beyond just a gas station; growing its product offering to include snacks, full meals, souvenirs, and travel items.

Some people may describe it as a tourist destination.

For the purpose of this blog, we stopped by the Denton, TX location where it was full Halloween mode.


The goal was to stop by and pick up a carload of snacks to have at home, but it’s hard to just focus on the food as they also had blankets, stuffed animals, and all the clothes.

Word is their line of jerky and candy are a must for any stop, so we made sure to add plenty of treats to our purchase.

There were also plenty of breakfast options to choose from.

In the end, this was the haul brought home.

Our daughter loved the Buc-ees stuffed animal, which is now a main staple in bed, with the other 100 options she has.

For the snacks, the beef jerky was fantastic, as were the pork rinds. I felt bad because I hid one of the bags of jerky in my office and didn’t share it. Sometimes, you need to look out for yourself. The lemon-peppered jerky was my favorite. The kids loved the little cookies. Everyone had their fair share of fudge, and we even purchased some treats for our dog. It was a very happy household.

If a Buc-ees ever decided to open a location near Wichita, I’m sure our pantry would be stocked with all things Buc-ees. In the meantime, if we are ever near a location, it’s a must stop for us.

Happy Dining,

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