‘Search Party: Chaos At the Park’ is like a modern day, 3D version of ‘Where’s Waldo?’

Search Party: Chaos At The Park

Search Party: Chaos At the Park

I’m constantly on the hunt for games I can play with my 4-year-old daughter. Board games were a part of my childhood, playing Risk, Monopoly, Scrabble, dominoes, card games, etc. So carrying on the tradition and doing that with my child is a big deal to me. With that, I came across a 3D search-and-find game called Search Party: Chaos At The Park on Amazon.

The description of the game from the publisher is as follows:

Your search for the perfect family game is over. Meet Search Party: Chaos at the Park, the 3D interactive game that’s here to shake up your game night. This game contains 15 unique missions and 300 search-and-find objects. To solve missions, you’ll answer questions and find clues by following characters around the board and onto the pop-up locations. Or you can dive into the search-and-find guide and look for hilarious and hidden objects scattered around the board. Whichever path you choose for game night, you’re bound to have a blast.

It’s best described as a ‘Where’s Waldo’ type game, at least if you play the basic search-and-find portion of the game.

The board game opens up to reveal a 3D theme park. It’s a very cool visual, especially for children.

Search Party: Chaos At the Park

The search-and-find is what my daughter and I stuck to. A little game book of 300 different items came with the game.

We went item by item and tried to find each item on the game board. It even came with a magnifying glass for someone old like myself.

Sometimes it takes my daughter seconds to find something, other times she gets frustrated if it’s longer than a minute. So it’s been a good teaching moment about patience and not quitting. But when she does find it, it’s like we just won an NBA championship. Who knew finding a pumpkin on a board game could be so much fun!

Search Party: Chaos At the Park

For those who want to take the game to another level, there are 15 different missions to take on. We literally got the game this past week, so haven’t jumped into the missions yet. Right now, we are trying to find all 300 items from the game book.

The game is regularly $24.99, but I’ve seen it go for $19.99 on Amazon and Target. Currently, it’s on sale for $16.95 on Amazon (link here).

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