Sedgwick County Zoo preparing for two new arrivals!

Sedgwick County Zoo Exciting news from the Sedgwick County Zoo as they announced this morning that two female African elephants, Simunye and Talia, are pregnant. Routine blood tests have confirmed the pregnancies, and while it is still very early both elephants are progressing beautifully. Simunye and Talia are each roughly 4 months along in their pregnancies.

“Elephants are pregnant for about 22 months,” says Lauren Ripple, elephant care manager. “So we’re planning for a very exciting spring of 2025.”

Simunye, mother to Titan, a male elephant in Sedgwick County Zoo’s herd, brings her valuable maternal experience to this new chapter for the Zoo’s African Elephant herd. This is the first pregnancy for Talia. Bull elephants Ajani, Callee, and in Talia’s case, Titan, are all potential fathers. Paternity will be confirmed once the calves are born.

The elephant care team at Sedgwick County Zoo is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of Simunye and Talia and the calves throughout their pregnancies. This comprehensive care mirrors the exceptional treatment provided to the entire herd, such as monitoring body condition, hormones, vitamin and mineral intake, and routine bloodwork.

“We are extremely excited to share our two pregnancies with everyone,” Ripple says. “Simunye’s last calf was born nearly 15 years ago and Talia will be a first-time mom. With these pregnancies, just as with humans, there are always risks in the early phases. We are cautiously optimistic and looking forward to sharing updates throughout this journey.”

These pregnancies hold immense significance for the sustainability of African elephants in North America. As these majestic creatures face challenges in the wild, every birth in an AZA-accredited institution plays a crucial role in safeguarding the future of the species. Sedgwick County Zoo is proud to contribute to the African elephant population in North America and remains committed to these vital sustainability efforts.

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