Crutch & Biscuit drops BBQ as the restaurant changes menu focus

Back in 2021, Dempsey’s Biscuit Co. moved from their College Hill location to merge with Crutch BBQ, who just opened a year prior at 550 N. Rock Road. The new restaurant featured BBQ from Crutch BBQ and many of the brunch items people loved at Dempsey’s Biscuit Co.

Over time, the restaurant changed to Crutch & Biscuit. And now, another change is underway.

In the past few weeks, the east side eatery has dropped BBQ from the menu. While there are still references to BBQ on their website, the menu lists only the brunch items such as chicken & waffles, Nashville chicken tenders, eggs Benedict. It’s basically the Dempsey’s Biscuit Co. menu.

I’m told over time, Crutch & Biscuit will be overhauled where new additions will be made to the menu including sandwiches found at the owner’s other restaurant in Lawrence, Quinton’s Bar & Deli. There could also be a name change in the future or possibly reverting to Dempsey’s Biscuit Co.

No word on when these changes will take place, but until then, it’s business as usual. They will still have brunch on the weekends as well.

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