Sneak Peek at iTzcali Tapas & Tequila

iTzcali Tapas & Tequila

After two years, iTzcali Tapas and Tequila finally opened their doors for some diners to get a sneak peek at what to expect.

The restaurant and tequila bar transformed an old second-hand shop into possibly the most exquisitely designed eatery in Wichita. After all, iTzcali is Aztec for “House of Beauty”.

2819 E Central Ave, Wichita, KS 67214

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iTzcali Tapas & Tequila had a soft opening and filled the entire restaurant. Drinks were flowing (lots of it being many of the hundred types of tequila they had available). The entire wall of the bar was filled with all sorts of tequila and bottles that looked like art pieces. It truly was a sight to behold.

A patio faced the north wall, where garage doors could open on warm Wichita days.

One thing you won’t find at iTzcali is uncomfortable seating, either.

Like with all blogs and our goal for complete transparency at soft openings, this was a private invite event, but we did pay for our meals and drinks. There was nothing discounted or comped.

We all ordered different cocktails, which were all delicious, but there were issues at the bar from being overloaded with orders and miscommunication. Unfortunately, we didn’t get our drinks until the end of the evening after our food.

We ordered a mix of tapas including ceviche, queso blanco, albondigas and wood-fired skewers. Our entrées were street tacos, seafood paella, and Mexican Cobb salad.

It was rather chaotic for our dinner. Meals were incorrect, some dishes arrived cold, and others seemed to be dry. There appeared to be lots going wrong and it felt like the night may not have been a true representation of the food.

My ceviche and paella were very dry and it was just all underwhelming.

With soft openings, you have to temper your expectations and realize that there could potentially be more issues than normal. For the restaurant, it’s likely their first night as a team and working out kinks and learning to communicate with each other.

That was certainly very apparent that evening. Many learning moments to be had between the bar, kitchen and wait staff. We had our fair share of issues with the food and service but made sure to lay it all out to the owner. He was very receptive to the problems we had and said he would ensure the feedback was passed along to the team. We were also invited back, but I made sure to pass on that free food or discounts were not the expectation or necessary. I did note that I plan to return at a later date.

I think the hype is certainly there for iTzcali Tapas & Tequila. Lots of people have been anxiously awaiting the new restaurant and tequila bar to open. Now it’s in their hands to capitalize on the hype with the food, drinks, and service that should match the beauty of the restaurant.

Let’s be honest, the place truly is beautiful. I’m not really the type of guy who notices things like that, but the moment you walk into iTzcali, it’s difficult to ignore.

If you want to check them out, walk-ins are welcome, but reservations are encouraged here.

Here’s the menu:

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