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Wichita Detailing Co.

Over the weekend, I was driving with a 2-liter of Coke in my car. During the drive, the bottle literally exploded and Coke started spraying everywhere in my back seat and even shooting into the front seat and my windshield. This was not a pretty scene and just left me shaking my head while asking, “Why me?”. The first thing I did was reach out to Wichita Detailing Co. (formerly Wichita Mobile Detailing).

Cleaning it myself probably wasn’t going to get rid of the sticky aftermath, so I needed to have it professionally done. I’ve had them to my car before when it was a mess mostly made by two kids (i.e., me and my daughter), but not one done by an overanxious bottle of Coke waiting to be opened.

A lot has changed since they last came out. The name of the company has changed and they’ve also added a drop-off option for vehicles that required a little extra TLC. I reached out to Wichita Detailing Co. and they said the mobile option could work. But if they felt more was needed, I could do a drop-off and they would remove any seats needed for additional cleaning. Appointments can be set on their website or by calling/texting 316-272-2417,

The first thing Monday morning, Wichita Detailing Co. was in my driveway ready to deal with my sticky situation.

Wichita Detailing Co. arrived, didn’t require any of my time so I was able to work and get things done while my car was getting detailed. It was extremely convenient.

Wichita Detailing Co.

Just like last time, I was incredibly pleased with the work and vowed to never buy 2-liters of Coke again. At least, not for travel in my car. If I do, it’s going in a cooler.

Between the convenience and quality of work, that’s precisely why they were the first people I reached out to. The pricing, which can be found here, was great too.

$110 – Interior (Drop-Off)
$125 – Interior (Mobile)

$140 – Interior & Exterior (Drop-Off)
$165 – Interior & Exterior (Mobile)

3rd Row SUVs & Minivans
$125 – Interior (Drop-Off)
$150 – Interior (Mobile)

$175 – Interior & Exterior (Drop-Off)
$200 – Interior & Exterior (Mobile)

Large SUV/Truck
$115 – Interior (Drop-Off)
$140 – Interior (Mobile)

$160 – Interior & Exterior (Drop-Off)
$185 – Interior & Exterior (Mobile)

$25 – Pet Hair Removal
$80 – Smoke Odor Removal

Definitely recommended by us.

Lastly, shout out to Caden who did a phenomenal job!

Wichita Mobile Detailing can be reached via phone at 316-272-2417, email at info@wichitadetailingco.com, or visiting their website. To see more of their work, take a look at their Facebook page.

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