Wichita Holiday Shopping Guide: Shop Unique, Shop Small

With the holidays around the corner, you may be looking to support some of the smaller shops in town. Or perhaps, you’re looking for something unique and off the beaten path. With the help of readers, we’ve put together our Wichita Holiday Shopping Guide. It’s a list of many unique or small or, in many cases, locally owned shops around town.

First off, thank you to Wild Birds Unlimited for sponsoring this entire guide! If you mention this post, you will receive 20% off one item purchased in-store.

Wild Birds Unlimited: Nature Shop

9738 E 21st St. N, Wichita, KS, 67206

Wild Birds Unlimited (WBU) is a nature hobby store located at the intersection of 21st and Webb Rd in Wichita (next to Andy’s Frozen Custard). WBU sells the highest quality wild bird seed, bird feeders, outdoor décor such as bird baths, and gift items like books, earrings, and quilted pillows and potholders sewn by a local artist. If you are in search of a fun and unique gift idea for the holidays, consider giving the gift of bird feeding – whether to a seasoned bird feeder or someone new to the hobby. It is a gift that will provide joy to the recipient year after year. Who wouldn’t love to see up close in their yard beautiful birds such as Cardinals, Woodpeckers, Goldfinches, Hummingbirds and so many other bird species!? Let the owners and staff at WBU help you find the ideal gift for the nature lover in your family this holiday season!

Wichita Holiday Shopping Guide


Aida Stenholm | 3700 E. Douglas
Creative Styles | 222 N. Kansas Avenue
Hatman Jack’s | 601 W. Douglas
Lucinda’s | 329 N. Mead St.
Soul and Grace Clothing Boutique | 9428 W. Central Ave.
Standard Issue | 924 E. Douglas

Collectibles, Comics & Games

The Burrow | 180 S. Rock Road
Hero Haven | 1625 S. Rock Road
HobbyTown | 8131 E. Kellogg Dr.
Mopigs Collectives | 833 N. West St.
Oliver’s Sports | 10555 W. Maple
One Drop Game Shop | 2724 N. Amidon
Pink Elephant Games | 2431 W. Pawnee
Prairie Dog Comics | 4800 W. Maple St.
Rock’s Dugout | 3232 N. Rock Road
Wizards Asylum ICT | 329 N. Mead St.

Food-Related Gifts

Blaine’s Candy & Gifts | 1421 E. Grand Avenue, Haysville
Cake Stuff | 8909 W. Central Ave
Cocoa Dolce | 2441 N. Maize Road, 235 St. Francis, 2132 N. Rock Road
The COOP | 2812 E. Douglas & 104 N. Baltimore Ave
The Farris Wheel | 9747 E. 21st St. N
Kernels Popcorn Express | 1101 E. 2nd St. N.
The Nifty Nut House | 537 N. St. Francis
The Popcorner | 11330 E. Central Ave & 2121 N. Tyler Road
Simply Sangria Wine Co. | 243 N. Cleveland
The Spice Merchant | 1300 E. Douglas Ave
Sunflour Cafe & Collective | 6120 W. Central Ave
Steve’s Jams and Jellies | 4600 W. Kellogg Dr.
Sweet ‘n Saucy | 535 W. Douglas
Viva La Olive | 300 N. Mead

Gift Shops/Boutique Stores

Abundance Crystals | 1908 W. 13th St. N
Anne’s Attic | 205 S. Meridian Ave, Valley Center
BAM Creations | 7542 S. Broadway, Haysville
Bittersweet | 1710 E. Madison, Derby
The Blackprint ICT | 156 N. Cleveland
Blush Bookstore | 2721 E. Central Ave.
Bungalow 26 | 613 W. Douglas Ave
Clifton Collective | 3700 E. Douglas
Feather B | 150 N. Cleveland
The First Place | 2929 N. Rock Road
Frou Frou | 10096 E. 13th St. N
Karg Art Glass | 111 N. Oliver St.
La Vie Bohème Apothecary and Curiosity Shoppe | 3700 E. Douglas
Lavender Winks | 2110 N. Maize Road
Lola Candle Co. | 1029 W. Douglas, Suite 101
Love of Character | 3200 E. Douglas
The Loud Cicada | 2721 E. Central
Mulvane Mercantile | 201 W. Main, Mulvane
New Age Center | 620 N. Rock Road, Derby
Papa’s General Store | 3700 E. Douglas
Things 4 That | 7130 W. Maple St.
Vortex Souvenir | 607 W. Douglas Ave
The Workroom | 150 N. Cleveland

Musical Gifts

Damn Music Center | 8945 W. Central Ave
The Gate Record Store | 115 S. Pattie Avenue
The Record Ship | 230 N. Cleveland
Spektrum Muzik: Record and Music Store | 112 S. Handley St.

Self Care

Everyday Beaut | 3700 E. Douglas Ave
Land of Oz CBD | 8639 W. Central Ave
The Pushy Goat | 241 S. Lulu St.
Salon Brands | 3 locations in town
Zeep | 335 N. Hydraulic

Sporting Goods/Gifts

The Cornhole Cave | 8955 W. Monroe Cir
Fartleks Running Shop | 535 W Douglas
Pro Link Golf | 1612 St. Francis
The Shocker Store | 4521 E. 21st St. N
Sticks 96 Golf | 2621 N. Greenwich Road

Rayers Beardens Stained Glass

Things for the Home (Decor, Grills & More)

All Things BBQ | 818 W. Douglas Ave
Chateau Gifts & Flower Preservation | 126 S. Seneca
A Cornacopia | 11414 E. Central Ave
Bloom Wichita | 217 S. Pattie
GROW | 320 S. Market St.
Main Street Co. | 8340 E. 21st St.
The Market Nursery & Venue | 835 E. 140th Ave. N, Peck
Marketplace 67010 | 601 State St., Augusta
Midwest Sewing Center | 111 S. Pattie St.
Mr. Diggs Dwelling & Co. | 600 E. 1st St. N
Rayers Beardens Stained Glass | 6205 W. Kellogg
Seasonal Decorating Gifts | 2828 W. 13th St.
Walton’s Inc | 3639 N Comotara St.
Wichita BBQ Store | 6810 W. Kellogg Dr.
Uniquities | 141 N. Rock Island St.

Paramount Antique Mall


Imagine That Toys | 2939 N. Rock Road
Let’s Go Build | 2684 N. Greenwich Road

Paramount Marketplace Antiques, Vintage & New

Vintage Stores

Dead Center Vintage | 626 E. Douglas
Findings, etc. | 515 N. Woodlawn
Generations Antiques & Artisans | 767 N. West St.
The Hereafter | 120 N. HIllside
Hunt and Gather Vintage | 333 S. Lulu
Junk in the Trunk Emporium | 4535 E. 61st St.
Paramount Antique Mall | 13200 W. Hwy 54
Paramount East Antique Mall | 10187 SW Hwy 84, Augusta
Paramount Marketplace Antiques, Vintage & New | 6297 E. 13th St. N
Reimagined | 406 N. Logan, Belle Plaine
The Vintage Rhinestone | 135 N. Oliver, Kechi

Paramount East Antique Mall

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