Let’s Review Zaxby’s!


Let’s revisit Zaxby’s!

Zaxby’s is a chain of fast casual restaurants most popular for their chicken fingers, but their menu also offers chicken wings, sandwiches, and salads. Founded in Georgia in 1990, the chicken restaurant now has more than 900 locations across the country.

With none in Wichita, we visited the location in Kansas City, KS across from the Legends Outlet.

It was a first time for many of the group with us where we tried to order a bit of everything.

With 9 of us, we ordered the 20-piece chicken fingerz meal with fries and toast, a 20-piece wings meal, fried pickles and funnel cake. We also ordered an assortment of sauces that included hot honey mustard, sweet & spicy, BBQ, buffalo, ranch, and the signature Zaxby’s sauce.

This is what feeding 9 people looks like.


Everyone enjoyed all there was to eat at Zaxby’s. The chicken fingerz (not fingers) were tender, the fries were well-seasoned but could have used a little more crunch to them, and the sauces were great, although the wings were a little dinky.

People couldn’t help but compare Zaxby’s to a place like Raising Cane’s where a majority preferred the breading at Cane’s and felt the latter was crispier. Zaxby’s was soggier in texture, but not so much that it took away from everything. The fingerz were still good regardless. Still though, I’m team crispy chicken when given the option.

Everyone found a sauce they really loved. For me, the hot honey mustard was easily my favorite; just the right amount of heat to pair with the sauce.

The funnel cake was an extremely small portion size for $3.99, but my daughter had no complaints, as she nearly devoured the whole thing herself.

All in all, it was a satisfying meal for everyone in attendance. The whole chicken tender scene isn’t really my thing, nor my first option (or second option) when choosing restaurants, but it made sense for a group that was mostly children. With that said, I’d have no problem going back if the kids wanted to return.

Here’s their menu:

Happy Dining,

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  1. I love the chichen fingers but they have the best salads around for the cost. The zalads are the best and are really big. It takes me forever to eat the salad. I get the Cobb salad with chicken fingers in the salad. Yum yum.

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