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My Top Five New Wichita Restaurants of 2023

Over the past year, I’ve visited roughly 100 new restaurants, food trucks and popups. I thought about making a top twenty list, but then realized I just didn’t have the time to make a top twenty list. So I’m settling on a top five list.

If you love dining out and trying new things, this is a must-read for you. The beauty of this list is it’s not some lazy effort put together from Yelp data or gathered from googling names of places by someone who hasn’t stepped foot in most of the places they write about. Every one you see listed, I took the time (and money) to visit. Enjoy.

Top Five New Restaurants of 2023


Lõtte – 320 S. Market

When friends ask me, “Have you tried anything new lately that’s worthwhile?”, I always include Lõtte on that list. And if you go, you should sit at the Chef’s Table, where you can watch the meal being prepared in front of you. The downtown American restaurant serves a bit of everything, like chicken, steak, and catfish.

And if you go, definitely check out the pan-seared scallops or the black truffled chicken.

La Jarochita – 511 W 21st St.

From the experience to the food, I think La Jarochita may be my absolute favorite visit of 2023. This Mexican pop-up located in north Wichita had it all. Everything was made on the spot, including the tortillas.

I hate using the word authentic in any blog, but this was certainly one of the best when you’re talking about experiences.

Nas Kitchen – 1920 W. 21st St.

Located in the former Tamales & Monchis and Uno Mas space, Nas Kitchen is a restaurant that specializes in New York-style Mediterranean food. Everything I’ve ordered to everything my friends have had, from halal chicken platters to the chopped cheese, has been raved about over and over.

Mango Tree – 111 E. 47th St. S

Many new Indian restaurants have opened in 2023, but the one that tops them all in my opinion is Mango Tree.

This one can be found in the former Angry Elephant space in southwest Wichita.

The Bistro – 124 S. Broadway

The downtown restaurant where the WSU Tech culinary students do it all was one of the biggest surprises for me in 2023. With a seasonal menu that changes, there’s always a reason to stop by, try some delicious food, and even potentially meet the future of the local restaurant scene.

Honorable Mentions

While this is only a list of my top five, I had to make sure to include some honorable mentions that either missed my top five or friends/family of mine have loved that could be worthwhile for you to visit.

  • Forge ICT – 917 E. Douglas
  • Crispy Donuts – 460 N. West St.
  • El Gusto ICT – Food Truck
  • Mirai Ramen & Sushi – 6254 E. 37th St.
  • Waffles N Stuff – Food Truck
  • Chuck’s Hot Chicken – 2625 W. Pawnee
  • Sugar Llamas – 841 N. Tyler
  • Appetite 316 – 2516 E. Central
  • Daikon Cafe – 6157 E. Harry St.
  • Thai Table Restaurant – 3570 N. Woodlawn
  • Flavours of India on Wheels – Food Truck
  • Two Hands Corn Dogs – 4510 E. 19th St.
  • Nacho Mama’s – 828 W. 11th St.
  • Las Adelitas – 120 E. 1st St. N
  • Burdette’s Bierocks – 1217 E. Douglas Ave.
  • UMI Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi – 11233 E. 13th St. N
  • Red Bird – 6440 E. Central Ave.
  • Astoria Biryani House – 3242 N. Rock Road
  • iTzcali Tapas and Tequila – 2819 E. Central Ave.
  • Rajwadi Pointe – 221 E. Kellogg Dr.
  • Solly & Jude’s – 400 S. Emporia

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