The northwest Wichita Popeye’s is now open!


The latest Popeye’s has officially opened in northwest Wichita over the weekend.

Located at 3166 N. Maize Road, the national fried chicken chain built a new store that’s right in front of the Sam’s Club.

This is different from the other Wichita locations as there’s a different franchisee. What that translates to in terms of service and quality remains to be determined, but let me say the new store is nice.

Even the chairs are nice and branded with Popeye’s signature colors!

I’ve made it no secret over the years, I’m a huge fan of Popeye’s so when I heard it was open, I immediately had to stop by.

My order consisted of an 8-piece family meal with red beans and rice. Then I ordered an extra side of mashed potatoes and Cajun gravy, sweet and spicy wings, an Oreo cheesecake, and a cinnamon apple pie.

For what it’s worth, my order was correct and out in no time.

Then I made the drive home and my family went to town on it. There was no difference in flavors, as there shouldn’t be considering it’s a chain restaurant.

Hours of operation are every day 10:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. with the lobby only open until 9 p.m.

Here’s the menu:

Happy Dining,

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2 thoughts on “The northwest Wichita Popeye’s is now open!”

  1. I had dinner at your new location on Maize Rd. on January 3, 2024 It was a horrible experience. I walked in to order since the drive thru line was busy, no big deal, and the restaurant itself was dirty, how can it be so dirty when you just opened I will never know. My take out order was 19 if you care to look it up. I had ordered a 2 piece chicken dinner with macaroni & cheese and a 3-5 piece chicken tenders dinner with potatoes & gravy. I got home and realized that the 2 piece chicken dinner was chicken tenders, why? No idea. The macaroni & cheese was from another world, totally not edible. The other supposedly 3-5 piece chicken tenders (spicy) was 2 baby sized chicken tenders, shocking! The total for these 2 meals shook me to my core, $18.79… for what? small and wrong portions, types of chicken and horrible food. I will never eat at any popeyes again, it gave me a horrible stomach ache for almost 24 hours. I tried to call and no number could be found, now I know why.

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