Pho Chopstix Revisited

Pho Chopstix

It’s been a while since I last stopped by Pho Chopstix for dinner. My family was out looking for dinner and this was a convenient place for us, so we stopped by to get a revisited review at one of Wichita’s restaurants specializing in Asian cuisine, such as Chinese and Vietnamese dishes.

2233 N. Ridge Road, Wichita, KS 67205

Tuesday – Sunday: 11am – 9pm
Closed on Monday

Cash/Card Accepted

Our night began with a couple of appetizers. We had some egg rolls done Vietnamese-style, which we prefer over the Chinese version due to how bite-size they are and the texture of them. The egg rolls were a nice start, crisp, warm and not overly filling.

We also ordered some wings, which came with their sweet yet mildly spicy sauce. Unaware of what I was ordering, these wings came drenched in sauce. I love the concept of less is more when it comes to sauce on wings. There was just so much of it that it took away from the wings. That and the wings were overcooked; I found the meat to be dry, while some breading felt rock hard. I’ve certainly had better wings at other Vietnamese restaurants.

Everybody at our table ordered bowls of pho with different meats in it. I always order the combination with everything in it.

We just had pho a week before at another restaurant and there was a stark difference in flavor. Pho Chopstix lacked the richness often found in the broth; it tasted a bit watered down. The amount of meat in our pho was lacking a bit as well. When it comes to pho, a good rich, hearty broth is the most important thing for me and Pho Chopstix fell short on that for me.

The worst part about this visit was, we didn’t look the food and that sucked because the service was fantastic.

I hate it when the service is over the top great and the food is subpar because it makes these reviews harder to write. If you want great service, Pho Chopstix is definitely a place to check out. And seriously, food is subjective, so you make like the pho or something else on the menu.

Here’s the menu:

Happy Dining,

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