The Eddytorial: Ep. 3 – Recapping Oct. and Nov. in Wichita

On episode three of The Eddytorial, I had a fireside chat with local bloggers, Fert The Foodie, The Kansas Gastronomist and Live Local to recap some of the fun events that have taken place in Wichita along with new and recent restaurant visits.
We talk a day in the life of a toddler and the challenges she faces.
Show Notes:

0:22 – Introductions

1:40 – La Jarochita

6:28 – Lōtte

10:33 – Cirque Du Soleil

13:00 – Odd Fellow Dinner Series

16:15 – BBQ

20:20 – The Fert Burger

29:30 – Cheap gyros

35:34 – Nas Kitchen

41:50 – Heat Mavericks

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