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First Look at Tai Chi Bubble Tea

Taichi Bubble Tea

Northwest Wichita once again has poke along with other dishes like ramen and sushi burritos thanks to Tai Chi Bubble Tea who is now open at 2413 N Maize Rd at NewMarket Square. The store is at the south end of the strip center as Buffalo Wild Wings.

Tai Chi, which won’t celebrate their grand opening until January 4, is currently having a soft opening this week ahead of their big day.

2413 N Maize Rd STE 101, Wichita, KS 67205

Open Daily: 11am – 9:30pm

Cash/Card Accepted

For starters, there’s plenty of seating at Tai Chi for those who want to dine in. The interior is mixed with a bunch of two and four-tops throughout the restaurant.

But before you sit, you need to order. You can either place your order at the counter…

… or grab an order sheet, select what you want and hand it to the cashier.

Tai Chi offers a sushi menu where you can order a poke bowl, a salad bowl, or a sushi burrito. Ramen is also an option, with six different soup bases. And, of course, there is the drink menu where you can purchase milk tea, smoothies, fruit teas and more.

I intend to order the ramen and sushi burritos on future visits, perhaps even this week. But for my first visit, I went with a poke bowl that included rice, salad, salmon, and tuna.

The two protein bowl was $13.99.

My initial reaction was the poke bowl was a big, hefty vessel of food. What was deceiving was the amount of protein offered in it. While there was lots of lettuce and rice tossed in, I found the protein to be lackluster in sheer quantity.

Quality-wise, I was a big fan of the toppings and mix-ins. Everything from the mango to the seaweed salad and avocado was tasty and fresh. Even the protein was good, but compared to places like Pokemoto and Crafted, there wasn’t enough to go around in each bite.

One issue was the size of the tuna, for instance, it was a handful of big chunks of tuna. I counted maybe 6–7 pieces of tuna and what looked like a couple scoops of salmon. It just wasn’t enough to go around with such a big bowl of poke. Ordering extra protein may be something to look into if you want more, but that would increase the cost of the bowl, and I didn’t see the option on the order sheet.

For the bites that did have protein, I was a fan of what I had. Everything tasted fresh, so that was promising for when I return to get a sushi burrito. Plus, the staff at Tai Chi Bubble Tea was very friendly, which was another plus.

Here’s the menu:

Happy Dining,

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