Magic Noodle and their Chinese hand-pulled noodles planning to enter the Wichita market

Wichita could be in for a treat if Magic Noodle can find a location that works for them.

If you’re unfamiliar with Magic Noodle, it’s a restaurant chain that specializes in Chinese hand-pulled noodles made to order and on the spot in view of all the diners in the restaurant. It’s truly an experience to watch. The dough to make the noodles consists of just wheat flour, salt, and water. The team at Magic Noodle then pulls noodles from the dough, boils them and plates the noodles in under five minutes.

Learning the pulling technique can take anywhere from two to six months to master.

Magic Noodle

At Magic Noodle, you get to choose the type of noodle you want from string, classic, mid-round, mid-flat, flat and shaved. Then the order is sent to the kitchen, who makes everything  for everyone to see.

Magic Noodle

Hand-pulled noodles are extremely popular in China, and there’s a very limited footprint in Wichita. Tianluo Bistro is the first place that comes to mind that offers it, but not to the extent of Magic Noodle.

I spoke to someone within Magic Noodle and was told there’s already plans to bring the restaurant to Wichita, KS. It’s still in the infancy stages, so there’s no timeline on when or even if this will happen.

The nearest location can be found in Overland Park, which opened in 2021. Owner Elvin Liu has plans to open another location within the next year in Lee Summit.

See see Magic Noodle in action, just watch our YouTube video below.

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